As I read articles and listen to those proponents of unborn baby assassination, I am struck with the resemblance that their activities bear to participation in a religious celebration.

My Merriam-Webster dictionary defines religion as "an organized system of faith and worship", as well as "a cause or belief held to with faith and ardor."

So, why do I see the resemblance?

A religion has one central tenet that embodies all truth; that is given a holy name; and held to be inviolable. In this case, the name is "abortion rights",or"pro-choice" — both pseudonyms for self-love.

The "truth" is brought to humanity by a special, revered person. This would be the racist Margaret Sanger.

All religions have a special class of people — priests, prophets, gurus, etc., that expound on the delivered "truth." How else would you describe those who are so aggressive in their call for it and usually benefit financially, such as Planned Parenthood or doctors who specialize in the practice?

A special "holy place" is a common feature of religion. Sounds like abortion clinics are their houses of worship.

It seems to me that a good case could be made for declaring the practice and support of abortion a religion. If so, then according to the First Amendment to the Constitution, requiring separation of church and state, then all government support need immediately to be withdrawn from those organizations and facilities that "worship" by performing the act of abortion and propagation of it,

Welcome back spirit of Moloch?

John Parsons,

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For the last 40 years the Hyde Amendmend has prohibited federal funding of abortions, with the exceptions of rape, incest and the life of the mother. The United States Supreme Court in Roe v Wade, ruled that it is a woman's Constitutional Right to have an abortion. "Pro Choice" means that it is a woman's choice and hers alone to make a decision to have an abortion or not to have one. If there is a failure to curtail abortions, it is of the established religions who have failed to convince women not to have abortions and have supported a right wing political party that takes away money from poor families with infants and funnels it to the rich. They lend their support for those that look to take healthcare away from women and their children. It is so hypocritical to say that you care for the lives of the unborn and then not care for those same lives after they are born. President Franklin D. Roosevelt said," The test of our progress (as a nation), is not whether we addd more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide for those who have too little." I may say it is also a test of our religious convictions.


Most of you, who share these views, are not pro-life, but pro-fetus. "Cradle to the grave" is not part of your agenda. Once the child is born, you're done! Remember: On Monday, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick essentially said that the economic well-being of the country was more important than the lives of older people. The Republican politician was riffing on a theme that President Donald Trump has been hammering at this week, framing the dilemma posed by the coronavirus as either save the entire U.S. economy or tolerate a few more deaths. "We cannot let the cure be worse than the problem itself," Trump tweeted Sunday.


Religion has one universal facet that John seems to have overlooked: Religions are founded on a superstitious belief that there is some sort of supernatural entity who created the universe and governs it from some unknowable place. Roe supporters do not acknowledge any such thing.


Mr. Parsons: If you were to research the history of evangelicals'/conservatives' opposition to abortion (read up on Paul Weyrich Bob Jones University) you would find that the "abortion issue" was created by Weyrich and Jerry Falwell to enlist grassroots support from evangelicals against Democrats. They did this because their previous tactic of defending racial discrimination would not work with that crowd. So evangelicals, who previously regarded the "abortion issue" as a "Catholic thing," were lured into the fold (so to speak). You have been used.

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