It’s been brought to our attention that the Sitgreaves County project will have to wait till next year.

HB2253 was introduced by Rep. Walter Blackman of LD-6. Rep. Blackman introduced a feasibility study only, not the whole project which includes boundaries.

Rep. Blackman did not get any co-sponsorship on the bill. Sen. Sylvia Allen of LD-6 stated she was for the project but failed to endorse it through the Senate as a co-sponsor.

The bill was not brought forth by the House Majority Leader or Minority Leader, with the same in the Senate.

We’ll re-introduce the Sitgreaves County project through a new Senator next year.

Steven Slaton

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When a whackadoodle like Allen doesn't buy into your idea, that kind of gives you an idea of what your plan amounts to. Just saying.


stick with it, it will happen soon. we need this new county




Splitting the county off from the reservation to the north would be the best thing to happen for us TAX Paying People. No property taxes are collected for the reservation yet they want our support and get to vote in our county elections. Read the constitution. It is illegal for that activity to happen. Split off the count.

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