I would like to respond to the recent article published about Senator Sylvia Allen on the browning of America.

I was in both meetings where Senator Allen spoke. She spoke on many issues the browning of America being just one. She said nothing wrong and was simply sharing information from Dr.James Johnson. His expertise being demographics. Her message was not about race it was about those who come here assimilating into our society. America is a unique and those coming need to learn why it is a choice land.

They need to learn how precious freedom is and the sacrifices and the blood spilled to ensure this freedom. They need to know that yes we are a nation of immigrants who came and helped build this great nation and were proud to become Americans. There is nothing wrong with this message.

I have known Sylvia for 51 years and I can assure you that there is not a racist bone in her body. She has people of color in her own family. Her half brother is Samoan and she has nieces and nephews that are Samoan and she loves them all dearly.

She is a person of honor and integrity. She loves her country and will defend it to the end. She loves rural Arizona and serving the people of District 6.

In regard to the AEA's letter asking for Senator Allen to be removed from the chairmanship of the education committee you might be interested to know that there were numerous calls from parents supporting Senator Allen. She has worked tirelessly for the success of our education system in Arizona.

Marca Epps,


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The problem was that Sylvia Allen made those offensive remarks at a time when Mr. Stupid Fascist Trump was inciting racism by tweeting that american born and american elected congressional representative women with brown skin pigmentation should go back to their home countries. Of course, the Fascist Trump is so dang dumb, he was unable or incapable to figure out that their home country is the United States of America, unlike Trump's wife Malena who is an immigrant and her home country is Slovenia. In any case, it was good that Sylvia Allen appologized when she realized her remarks she made and in the context they were made, were offensive. The question Sylvia Allen and the american people should ask is,if illegal immigrants are guilty of a crime, then why is it that their employers like the Koch Bros. and the Trump Golf courses who hire them and are accessory to the crime are not fined or imprisoned? They entice illegal immigrants to come, break the law, by hiring them so that they can increase their profits. That is the root of the problem that republicans will not address.




This is in addition to my Aug. 9 post. What was the real purpose of the ICE immigration raid at the Koch Bros. food plant in Mississippi? The illegal immigrants were arrested,processed and released to go back to work with ankle monitors. Since the illegal immigrants were not deported nor were the Koch Bros. fined for breaking the law,knowingly hiring illegal immigrants then.....one has to arrive to the conclusion that the purpose of the ICE raid was to instill fear of deportation in the minds of the illegal immigrant workers to the point that they no longer are considered workers but more the likes of slaves. With the Koch Bros. hanging the deportation threat over their workers heads, they can be assured that the workers will not unionize, complain about wages,on the job safety, discrimination of all sorts, long hours and no benefits.The koch corporation controls their lives at home and at work. Moreover, the Koch Bros. food plant owners could not, will not hire all american workers because as american citizens, american workers have rights and could not be reduced to a slave-like status. In my opinion, the ICE raid was nothing more than the Trump administration returning a favor to the Kochs for their political contributions. More raids, more political favors to come, let's see if illegal immigrant workers are deported and law breaking employers are fined or jailed, otherwise, Trump immigration policies are a farce.

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