It is appalling to see Arizona state officials supporting Sen. Sylvia Allen in response to criticism against the senator for making racist remarks.

There is no doubt that the things Senator Allen said were racist. The remarks were that “whites are not replacing themselves,” that immigration and demographic shifts will “overwhelm” the country and lead to “changes” that will make your head spin,” that America will look like South American countries very quickly” because immigrants are “flooding” the Unites States faster than they could learn the nation's culture and laws.

There is no other possible meaning to a remark that “whites are not replacing themselves” than the implication that whites are different and superior to people of other colors. Senator Allen's remark that “America will look like South American countries very quickly” can only be seen as a remark meant to stir up resentment and fear of non-white people.

Words like “overwhelm”, “changes that will make you head spin” and “flooding the United States” are exactly the types of words used by white supremacists to encourage fear and prejudice.

I have no doubt that Senator Allen is a kind and warm-hearted person as stated by Senate President, Karen Fann. I met Senator Allen briefly several years ago at a function in Apache County and she indeed has the appearance of being caring and warm. Senator Allen's feelings regarding race can only be known by Senator Allen, but what the senator feels in her heart is simply not the point. Regardless of how the senator feels, her remarks are racist and stir up the kind of hatred and bigotry which are causing so many serious problems in our country.

Senator Fann's statement that Senator Allen has apologized and Governor Ducey's comment that she has “disavowed her comments” are not accurate. What Senator Allen said was, that she “apologized to anyone who has been hurt by my words.” Senator Allen has not acknowledged that she was wrong for saying what she said. Her actual statement indicates that she stands by what she said, but hopes that no one was offended by the statement. That is completely different from disavowing the comments or apologizing for the statements. If Senator Allen is truly sorry for the statements, she needs to plainly state that she believes that the statements are wrong and that she is sorry for making them.

The Arizona State Senate should take action against Senator Allen in order to make it clear that the people of this state do not condone bigotry.

Kay Wilkins


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Let me just play Devil's Advocate for a moment and challenge your assertions that Senator Allen's comments can be nothing other than racism.

#1 “whites are not replacing themselves,” Racist? Not hardly. Current Demographics from the US Census bureau (Brookings Institute, 2019) "for the first time since the Census Bureau has released these annual statistics, they show an absolute decline in the nation’s white non-Hispanic population"

So my first question to you would be, since when does reporting factual data from the US Census bureau constitute racism in anyone's (other that your own) mind?

#2 immigration and demographic shifts will “overwhelm” the country and lead to “changes” that will make your head spin,” . Now on this one there is some wiggle room. The generally accepted definition of the phrase "make one's head spin" (Websters, 2019) Cause one to be giddy, dazed, or confused. It doesn't matter if you are pro immigration or anti immigration, the US Governments current stance on Immigration is without a doubt confusing. On one hand you have a Congress which has passed immigration laws that several members of Congress disagree with to the point they are openly advocating the the US Border Patrol in general and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in particular should be abolished simply because they are enforcing the laws that Congress enacted. On the other hand you have a President who was elected largely on the promise to take control of the southern border and enforce our immigration laws. Since the policial discourse in America has become so vitriolic that we can no longer have a civil discussion without people trying to vilify American citizens for simply voicing their opinions, I would say that Senator Allen's Statement ("immigration and demographic shifts will “overwhelm” the country and lead to “changes” that will make your head spin") are in the commonly accepted definition of the phrase according to Websters, factually accurate. I don't see how anyone with a sane rational mind could think otherwise.

#3 America will look like South American countries very quickly”

Now #3 has lots of wiggle room. First of all the term "looks like" could refer to the volume of hispanic people, it could mean culture and holidays would take on a distinctly hispanic flavor in may communities affected by immigration. I don' see anything racist in that. That is no more racist than saying My family and I had a great time at the local cinco de Mayo celebration...

#4 because immigrants are “flooding” the Unites States faster than they could learn the nation's culture and laws.

If you think #4 is factually inaccurate or somehow racists I'd like to challenge you to show me one immigrant crossing the southern border who can tell you what current US law is on any given subject beginning with illegal border crossings, human trafficking, drug smuggling or welfare fraud.

I will give all of the Senator Allen critics a bone here. Any notion that immigrant culture is somehow un American is just flat out wrong. If we were only allowed to celebrate truly American Culture here in Arizona, I suspect we would all have to begin with learning how to speak Apache. There is no "American" Culture There is only culture and it has no bounds.

Finally I am neither liberal nor conservative in the political sense, I am an objective constitutional libertarian. I believe in upholding the constitution and the laws of the land.

Apart from the dark history of America exemplified by the Missouri compromise in which Black people would only be counted as 3/5 of a person, how have we gotten to the point in contemporary America where any time the minority is offended they scream racism? How have we gotten to the point where a Federal Law Enforcement Agency (ICE) is racist for simply enforcing the laws that Congress (#1) Enacted and (#2) refuses to change.

Next how do you as an American live with yourself, when you decide it is easier to brand someone a racist than it is to pick up a dictionary and try to comprehend the word you use to attack someone?

In my personal opinion the greatest examples of racism today in America are liberal elitist and your occasional uninformed or uneducated citizen, who try to brand everything that they don't personally agree with as "racists"



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