There is an ongoing, concerted effort to demonize the Police, and more generally, white Americans, especially if they are middle class. The effort is to create the impression that all average white Americans are racist, and thereby keep them home on Election Day. The Democratic Leadership dislikes average white Americans and says so. They say often, whites are privileged, white males are toxic, and conservatives are racist. Actually, I name this "accusation by' reflection."

The policemen who killed Mr. Floyd in Minnesota will have a trial and the jury will decide their guilt or innocence. But, that incident was used as a pretense to protest, riot, loot, and kill. When average citizens protest lockdown they are labeled extremists, when Black Lives Matter riot and loot they are labeled protestors. Up is down and down is up! Notice how propaganda is  demonizing average Americans.

BLM is a racist group who hate whites and say so, yet the elite openly fund them. Big Corporations fund them for they do not like that many of us support Trump. This is all about stopping Trump. He must be

stopped as he is opposed the illegal immigration, opposed the China stealing from us, and is a fierce cheerleader for America. Corporations like money, and make more money with cheap labor and desire the huge Chinese market...and Trump is an obstacle.

Liberals had a black President for 8 years. He came from Chicago, but never tried to solve the black on black killing that continues to this day in his past home town . He lined his pocket with money, hundreds of millions of$$$, and moved to the Hamptons with all the rich white elite, yet is revered as some sort of savior of mankind.

So, middle class Americans of all races don't be fooled by the media. Stay engaged, and don't believe any of the exaggeration about police brutality. Review the data ... corporate news media misleads or withholds facts! Don't bow down, don't apologize, and don't be fooled. Don't be intimidated! This is another take down attempt of a president we elected; a takedown of US. speak up, be heard, it's us against them.

Joe Williams,

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Sadly this letter, and especially this quote ," it's us against them", is an example of what is dividing our country today.


Mr. Williams, This letter should be printed in a pro-white publication.


Don't like the message, imply racism! Speaking up for whites is NOT anti black...Good try!


This is a blatant attempt to divide America, just like Trump. This is what he teaches "us against them". We need leaders that can and will unite America, not divide it. We are better than this!


We have always been divided. Liberals vs. Conservatives, but our Constitution and respect for freedom of speech, respect for the law, among other liberties has united us. Now that is under siege by radical Progressives. It's us vs. them!


Mr. William's failed effort at projection is totally obliterated when he shows his true colors of embracing the demagogue Trump's ideology of demean. divide, and destroy. "It's us against them" is the language of racists, dictators, and those that that push for division.


Correction Mr. Williams. Donald Trump was not elected solely by the american people, he was illegally being helped by Putin and the Russian trolls. That is the reason he was so opposed to the Mueller Investigation into Russian involvement in our 2016 elections. Donald Trump himself has said that if he was offered information on his political opponents by a foreign country , he would take it. That is illegal. Now it is disclosed by a former member of his administration ,republican John Bolton, that Trump had asked the Chinese leader to interfere in our upcoming presidential elections on his behalf. That is illegal. And you wonder why Democrats, Independents, and real patriotic republicans like the Linclon Project do not like the Cheeto, sexual predator, pathological Liar, financial swindler, racist, draft dodging, traitor, Trump.


How exactly did the Russians help Trump win the election? I have yet to see proof that they followed voters into the polls, twisting their arms until they cast the expected vote. Are we anticipating that the Chinese will do the same thing?


Just like the kids of Tik Tok and K-pop were using cyber tactics to fool Trump and his campaign staff into believing that one million people registered to attend his Tulsa, Oklahoma rally when in reality only 6,200 people signed up and showed up. When Americans do it in the USA without the help of foreign countries , it is legal,however soliciting election interference from foreign counties like the Cheeto Trump did with Russia, Ukraine and China it is illegal. Number one Trump quote,"Russia, if you can hear me, can you find Hillary's e-mails." Number two Trump quote, to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, "I would think that if they honest about it, they'd start a major investigation into the Bidens. It's a very simple answer. They should investigate the Bidens ...and by the way, likewise China should start an investigation into the Bidens. Because what happened to China is just about as bad as what happened with the Ukraine." That is called, soliciting foreign interference in the U.S. elections. Trump quote number three, In june 2019 Trump told ABC's George Stephanopoulos," I am willing to accept dirt on his political opponents from foreign countries." That is illegal.

To quote FEC Chairman Ellan Weintraub, "The law is pretty clear, It is absolutely illegal for anyone to solicit, accept or receive anything of value from a foreign natrional in connection with any election in the United States." The cyber tactics the Russians used to help The Cheeto Trump win the election were, spreading propaganda on social media, hacking the Clinton campaign, probing state voter databases in 21 states, hacking the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, releasing damaging information on the internet, hacking the DNC.


From the Washington Post June 18,2020: A forthcoming book by John Bolton, President Trump’s former national security adviser, asserts that Trump in 2019 also asked Chinese President Xi Jinping for electoral assistance, suggesting Xi use China’s economic power to help him, “pleading with Xi to ensure he’d win.”


AZAL, Call Mueller right away. After $25,000,000 of taxpayer money spent on investigations he had NO proof. Obviously, you have evidence.🙂


You need to understand Joe101, Al is an demented conspiracy theorist. Dosent matter that our legal system found no evidence of collusion. Judge Al said there was corruption, and so there must be. People like Al will always ignore the elephant in the room such as the one you provided a prime example of, Obama's hometown. Yes, another 104 shootings and 15 deaths over Fathers day weekend. Of course thats Trumps fault, Al kangaroo court said so.Yes sir, Obama, Schumer, Pelosi care so much about their people they celebrate by living next to the poor folk in exclusive,gated,guarded, 99% white, rich, affluent neighborhoods with their own armed security teams. Don't waste your time arguing with him, He will never see or grasp the truth as his ignorance blinds him. He is well spoken at times. Its a case of if you cant dazzle em with brilliance, baffle em with bullsxxt.


Hummm, Ivana Trump,Czech immigrant and Melania Trump, Slovenian immigrant, Donald Trump's wives are proof that we do need immigrants for jobs that Americans don't want to do.


ArizAl made a list of some alleged illegal activities by foreign governments. There still is no proof these activities influenced the election. All I have to do is turn on the TV and I am bombarded with commercials from all sides - most of which have only a modicum of truth. There is no way of knowing whether the uneducated voter was relying on misinformation from "legal" or "illegal sources." They are all in the mire together.


The republican Fascist Demagogue, Trump is already responsible for over 120,000 deaths of Americans and climbing. He is the embodiment of the grim reaper, encouraging people to go against the advice the world's doctors and scientists to not protect themselves from the corona virus.

Lee Bertay

What a miserable unhappy existence the delusional demrat partisan has. But do a search for "weaponizing biotech" and factor that into your consideration of what role this virus plays in the subversion of our country by the demrats and their chicom allies.


Oh good God Al, how do you come to the conclusion Trump has killed 120,000 people? For Crimeny sakes Al, you are disillusion. We have 130 days left till the election. So if Biden wins well see what he does, if he can still speak by then. To coin a phrase from Obama, whats he gonna do, pull a magic wand out of his xxxx We'd all really like to hear what you think the Dems and Biden could do to better curb the spread. You know darn good and well regardless of who says what Free Americans will do as they please, kinda like the punks destroying public property,it called defiance. That being said I assume the only way is to forcibly make everyone wear a mask, at gun point perhaps Al? Close down all businesses, stay inside, quarantine....but Antifa and the spoiled lazy brats still get to riot side by side. A giant 110 degree petri dish of germ warfare and that's acceptable to the party of hypocrites. Fact is that's EXACTLY why the spread of Covid 19 is now skyrocketing within the 35 and under bunch and in your neck of the woods, but that's OK cause they got a cause right? Ya know you'd have made a fine adviser for the Clintons there Al. Ole Billy C might even have let you have some sloppy seconds with Monica.


If all the protesters from BLM do in fact believe the all black lives matter, and yes they do, why aren't they protesting in in front of or burning down the abortion clinics? More blacks have been killed there than at the hands of white policemen! If black lives matter why do they keep killing each other? There is far more black on black crime than white on black crime. If there is an answer I don't know what it is. Maybe we can talk it over and discover we have more in common than not?


Joe look at how you stirred up all the liberals with your fantastic letter. Good job.

BLM = more racist than the white supremacist ever will be.and money raised goes to rich white liberal democrats. So keep tearing down those Democrat statues! Hows that noose hoax working out for you Bubba Wallace?

BLM, ANTIFA, = Death, Destruction, Racism, Liberals, Democrats = all one word.

All lives matter


Well, gentlemen, let’s try to keep our eyes on the ball here. Mr. Williams makes several assertions of fact in his letter, which can be fact-checked.

First, he alleges in his lead paragraph that the “Democratic leadership” is involved in a national conspiracy to demonize police, brand all white Americans as racist and influence the 2020 election. He claims that “they” say often “* * *”.

COMMENT: He provides no evidence of this conspiracy theory; it is therefore without credence. What is true is that the House democrats have simply proposed a reform bill (The Justice in Policing Act) which contains new law to reduce the abuse of police power, on the part of those who do so. The content is available online. The Democrat party platform does not brand all white Americans as racists. After all most of them are white. I have reviewed that platform and it makes no mention of any such branding. Finally, “they say” is not evidence of anything without quotes, dates and sources.

In his second paragraph, he alleges that the homicide of George Floyd was used as a pretext “* * * to protest, riot, loot, and kill.” He goes on to say, “When average citizens protest lockdown they are labeled extremists, when Black Lives Matter riot and loot they are labeled protestors.”

COMMENT: Filmed coverage of the marches clearly show that while there was some looting and property damage at the outset, nearly all of the month-long marches have assiduously avoided such actions. Moreover, it very difficult, even for experts, to determine the identity of protest lawbreakers of that sort. Most often they are found to be opportunistic criminals who are not part of the protest. Second, Joe assumes a fact not in evidence, but merely his assumption, that those who protest lockdowns are average citizens. “The University of Chicago Divinity School and The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research finds 55% of Americans disapprove of the [lockdown] protests that have popped up in some states. A scant 31% approve. Moreover, he uses a racist appeal by claiming a differential characterization between “average citizens” and Black Lives Matter which takes the form of “* * * when Black Lives Matter riot and loot * * *”. That is a racist insinuation.

Paragraph three makes a rhetorically tortuous contortion which tries to link corporate funding for BLM to the defeat of Trump while falsely portraying BLM as haters of whites.

COMMENT: BLM is an international movement dedicated to fighting institutional discrimination wherever it occurs. It does have corporate funding but also has very broad funding from small donors. Moreover, the PEW foundation’s current poll reveals that 67% of Americans support or strongly support BLM and 60% of whites do as well. Those data refute any claim of BLM members hating whites.

Paragraph four falsely claims that President Obama failed to act on “black on black” violence in Chicago and implies some improper wealth acquisition by the Obamas.

COMMENT: The suggestion that law enforcement should focus on any racial group’s violence is racist, prima facie. In fact, the historical record shows that urban violence was a key element of Obama’s agenda from the beginning. A June 7th, 2020 article in The Guardian reports, “The Trump administration has dismantled key federal tools for imposing accountability on police forces engaging in systemic racial discrimination.

Under Donald Trump, the US justice department has allowed federal mechanisms designed to impose change on racist police agencies to wither on the vine. As a result, law enforcement agencies that practice racial profiling, use excessive force and other forms of unconstitutional policing are now free from federal oversight.

The most important of those tools, known as consent decrees, were deployed extensively by the Barack Obama administration in the wake of previous high-profile police killings of unarmed black men. They included the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014; 12-year-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland, Ohio, that same year; and the 2015 death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, Maryland.

Finally, the Obama’s have become wealthy based almost entirely on their income from books and speeches. The insinuation of impropriety is false.


Good Job Ronzim, (as usual).


You lawyerly commentary is almost comical if not for all the untrue assertions. So, I will only use one of your misstatements to illustrate how you manipulate what was written to justify your commentary. My letter did not "insinuate any impropriety." Read this slowly and clearly; Obama came for Chicago, but never tried to solve the black on black killing that continues to this day in his past home town. He lined his pocket with money and moved to the Hamptons with all the rich white elite. So, please do not make the assertion or insinuate I accused Obama of impropriety. I accused him of not doing much to stop the black on black killing in Chicago, his hometown.


WMI, where is my post? Interesting that republican Trump extremists are allowed to post attacks on me and democrats, yet when I submit a defense to counter their opinion I am denied the posting. If WMI is truly independent, it would not suppress free speech.


Republican Demogogue, Dictator wanna be, Donald Trump and his legion of flying monkeys think the way to "Make America Great" is to endorse police brutality against citizens; to use the military against civilians; to make sure more Americans than the already 125,000 die of the corona virus; to illegaly soliciting and extorting election help from authoritarian countries; allowing the Saudis to murder as many American news reporters as they want; destroying the Checks and Balance system of the United States;violating his oath of office to protect our Constitution,our elections and the american people from the pandemic; firing any Inspector General who is Independent and has integrity who will hold Dictator Trump and the swamp alligators accountable; allowing Iran to make nuclear bombs; to create border concentration camps for the asylum seekers; making enemies of our allies; cowtowing to Putin and kissing Kim Jung Un's behind. Moreover, Trump and his flying monkeys intend to impose their morals and values on the Ameican public. They are; grab women by their private parts, be a pathological Liar, be unpatriotic, be a racist, a swindler, be greedy, use the Bible for political purposes, create fraudulent non-profit foundations and fake schools for personal enrichment, encourage violence on American citizens.

Lee Bertay

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