I was amused by Shalimar Rodger’s line of thinking in his attack on Tom O’Halleran. He thinks that because there were lots of Trump yard signs in this District, that Representative O’Halleran should have not voted for impeachment. Shalimar believes that being bi-partisan means that Tom should only support Trump and not any of his own Democratic issues. He was elected as a Democratic candidate. Mr. Rodgers then goes on, creating all sorts of crazy assumptions about Representative O’Halloran’s beliefs and values. Tom is one of the most conservative members of the House in both parties, especially now that conservatism is no longer valued by Trumpers.

I understand that there are still many disillusioned and delusional people who believe that Trump won the election and I hope that over time they will return to reality from the incredible brain-washing administered by America’s greatest con man. They can begin this process through critical thinking, logic, getting information from reliable sources and most of all, to learn to recognize the differences between lies and the truth.

Tom O’Halleran is a bi-partisan, role-model for what our elected officials should be in this country, cheap attacks on his character simply demonstrate a lack of character on the attacker.

Robert Fern,

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