What I find is so ironic with all our Christians in all our wonderful churches is that they are not actually practicing or conveying what Jesus Christ taught us.

Jesus, a very metaphysical spirit, told us God is sprit: “What I can do you can do also and more.”

We can create with our thinking as he showed us — that’s how prayers are answered.

Of course they must be for the good, the good of all. Also, “thy will be done,” not mine.

As Jesus the great teacher shared with us, pray as if they were answered. For example, as one is praying for rain, smell the rain, see the puddle, see the rain falling and washing all of Mother Earth, quenching our thirst and healing our wildlife.

Lets get busy. Let’s pray for peace on earth, no more crime and greed, etc.

The more minds praying together for the same thing, the better.

Karolyn Kopperud,

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