Sometimes, the Democrat Party is it’s own worst enemy, and the reasons are serious enough that many Democrats have decided it’s useless to vote, not only in the presidential election, which is severely compromised by the archaic and absurd electoral college, but to the local and state elections as well.

We have some Republican candidates who seem to be running on the promise of making sure Arizona holds on to it’s long standing heritage of Jim Crow. More than a few supporters of the current Republican candidates are quite proud of our Jim Crow history, and would love nothing more than to see it raise it’s ugly head again in Arizona. Many will look you in the eyes and tell you as much.

We are as close to our second Civil War as we’ve ever been. People often throw the racism word around, but the reality is that racism is alive and well, and seems to have found new life in our country. One difference is that in the old days, the party of slavery and treason was the Democrats. It was the party of Lincoln that tended to believe all “men” were created equal.

So now we have Sylvia Allen, running on a platform including education. Her own private charter school received a grade of F from the state of Arizona. Not a D, but an F. She appeals to many of Arizona’s Dixie Flag wavers with a platform that warns us about the “Browning of America.”

We also have the curious case of Walter Blackman, a likable fellow running on a promise of being 100% pro life. Not 98%, but 100%. This is a man who seems to be looking for love in all the wrong places, and I can’t help wondering if he was shocked one morning to wake up and find he was in the party that still flies the Confederate flag.

There are non-voting Democrats who believe the left and right are simply two parts of the same coin. And there are Republicans who are starting to see that living in a red state is obviously no guarantee that their basic needs will be met.

So here is a list of candidates to look up: Arlando Teller, Myron Tsosie, Felicia French, Coral Evans, Jamescita Peshlakai, Art Babbott, Mark Kelly and Tom O’Halleran. These are people that will help Arizona avoid our Jim Crow past and take us into the future as a blue state. What can it hurt? We already rank last in education. Maybe it’s time to shake things up in Arizona, to “empty the swamp” so to speak.

Wayne Pearce,

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vote RED. Keeping Democrats in office will continue the erosion of our country


Hey Russ, you are old enough to remember the good old days when we, as school children were told over and over, BETTER DEAD THAN RED! Now the same people who extolled that philosophy are embracing the Russian oligarchy and telling us to vote RED!

I personally would rather be an American than a Republican. And it is pretty well certain that the Republican party is against anything in the Constitution except for that 2nd amendment. Everything else they throw away. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness? All things the GOP has legislated against in the past decade or more. The only thing the GOP promotes today is further enrichment of the already rich to the detriment of the working poor and middle-class..

Lee Bertay

Hey pxllr, you sure like 'that 2nd amendment' when you

are making money off of it at your gun show table, don'tcha!

And I agree with you fully on the color red - it should belong

to your American Maoist party exclusively! All part of

Leftist chaos - up is down and blue is red!


[thumbdown] This RED Trump just turned our military on our people. I won't be able to get past that, ever.


You Russ need to see a mental health doctor! Since your leader tRump has been in office we have had nothing but hateful, humanity destroying problems. ie: coronavirus, and now hate filled demonstrations.. I am surprised the bible he held did not burn him up. Get some other hobby will you.


Republicans can't win without cheating , Democrats can't win without voting.

Lee Bertay

That would be "Demrat lying"

commador perry

Putin has us just where he wants us.That should make Russ a very happy man.

Lee Bertay

That would be Xi Jinping.

The big expensive Russia conspiracy theory has been

discredited. Your welcome.


Donald Trump, President of the United States is fighting the release of his DNA in a rape case. Evidence that would exonerate him if innocent. Let that sink in Russ.


Posted In: Economics, History & Geopolitics: The American Human Development Index (AHDI) allows for a state-by-state assessment of critical factors like income, education, and health. When we calculated the average AHDI for the red states — those won by Donald Trump — it was much lower than the average AHDI for blue states. In fact, by way of international comparisons, the blue states won by Hillary Clinton have a human development index similar to the Netherlands, while the red states have an AHDI that resembles Russia’s.[wink]


The Liberal plot to make Trump look stupid, also known as "Operation Just Let Him Speak," is working splendidly.

Lee Bertay

We need money laundering Thug Biden to make

Nonsense of it all!


Lee: If you have any evidence of that, please post it.

Lee Bertay

Well, Dr Lysenko, there isn't always a convenient graph or p

Lee Bertay

peer approved paper from an agenda approved source to reference subversive activity by the Maoist demrats. For

Thug Biden, who would be just a Party figurehead if cheated into power as all that Party alcohol has obviously had it's elderly effect,

you can refer to the family projects with Barisma and BHR, and

being part of The Team when drop shipping millions for Iranian social justice. Demrats lovingly cling to their failed Trump Russia conspiracy theory which has only ended up costing millions of tax dollars that the demrats so desperately need from all of the proletariat. Now I will await Biden's next idiotic ramble about shotguns whilst President Trump continues adept oversight of all of these conveniently timed "problems."


In other words, Lee, you have no evidence. Thought so.

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