The Democrat chairlady on 31 May, makes her first error by envisioning the utopian “pleasant bubble” so often the term used to describe the objective for liberal aspirations. She uses the “pleasant and nice and happy” adjectives as if all humans naturally act in such a fashion without exception. Consult our correctional officials for examples of the millions who choose unpleasant behavior in spite of attempts to teach righteous, God-fearing living.

It's sad that the chairlady harps on the sins of hundreds of years ago, sins which no Constitution-abiding American would condone. To rehash the evils of slavery, no longer applicable to our society and then promote illegal alien immigration as a boost to our American culture and economy is pure fiction. The deep state's own statistics, including Governor Gavin Newsome, show that illegal aliens sneaking into our country create a net loss for all legal tax payers and particularly the demographic the Democrat party claims to embrace and represent.

This party waxes that if we only had higher confiscatory income tax rates on my fellow business owners, we could give away even more gracious entitlements to illegals. It's a shame that the chairlady must forego reality and use inflammatory language, dog whistles to her supporters, language such as slavery, mistreatment, lynchings, low-paying jobs. People are born with an unequal distribution of talent. The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to our beloved Constitution, ensures equality of opportunity, not outcome. To claim that right-minded Americans practice racism is very irresponsible. It's not possible to eliminate poverty, rudeness and crime. It never has been possible, if we believe recorded history.

Larger, more intrusive government seems to be the Democrat answer for all ills instead of individual responsibility and a limited federal government. There will always be evil and demented people. I can hardly wait for the next column.

Richard O. Binkowski,


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Great editorial!


Welcome Richard Binkowski to the conversation. Your characterization of the chairlady's comments as the pursuit of unattainable utopian objectives, falls a bit shy of the mark. In essentially extolling the proven benefits of the New Deal and the Great Society, she is asking for a start toward improvement, not perfection. What is more, your contention that slavery is no longer applicable to our society reflects a certain kind of willful ignorance. What has ended in our society is legal slavery. It has been replaced with the de facto slavery of millions in terrible conditions of work and at a bare subsistence wage. In addition, we also have human slavery due to trafficking. Presently, the estimated number for the U.S. is 60,000 slaves. Remember as well, the traditional claim of men to the ownership of women, which has not declined very much. Real slavery is alive and real in the U.S. You make a further false claim that illegal immigrants comprise a net economic loss to the nation. A review of the academic literature by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office found that "over the past two decades, most efforts to estimate the fiscal impact of immigration in the United States have concluded that, in aggregate and over the long term, tax revenues of all types generated by immigrantsâ€â€both legal and unauthorizedâ€â€exceed the cost of the services they use." Moreover, an analysis published by the National Immigration Forum, based on the U.S. Census and other data estimated that undocumented immigrants paid $11.7 billion in state and local taxes. Undocumented workers also pay billions into Social security which they can almost never recoup. Additionally, the U.S. workforce participation rate is in historical decline and will continue in the vein. Immigrants are needed in order to maintain a sufficient workforce to support the growing millions who consume but do not produce, including yours truly. Some state and local jurisdictions do, indeed, incur net tax outlays; however, they are compensated by the feds for most of that. You make a further error in claiming that the Constitution does not promise equal outcomes. In fact, there are two specific references which specify that our government is to provide for the general welfare. While overpopulation ensures that poverty and deprivation will surely grow, that is no excuse for the United States to throw in the towel on that score. We have the means to greatly reduce poverty and lack only the political will. Furthermore, you assert, "To claim that right-minded Americans practice racism is very irresponsible." I agree. All three of them are to be commended. The remainder are racist to one degree or another, including yours truly. Finally, we get to see your true stripes in, "Larger, more intrusive government seems to be the Democrat answer for all ills instead of individual responsibility and a limited federal government." Right out front. Another hater of government and safety net programs.


"A more intrusive government" is when republicans use the power of government to deny women their Constitutional Rights to determine their own reproductive healthcare.


GREAT letter Richard! I'm keeping it short because this is my THIRD attempt at commenting on your letter. Who's minding these online discussions?!

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