Avoiding the crowds

This being a holiday weekend my wife and I did our grocery shopping early in the week so we could stay home and avoid the crowds.

However a medical emergency forced me to go to Safeway (in Pinetop-Lakeside) for some medical supplies on Friday morning figuring that if I got there by 8 a.m. the crowd would not yet be large, but what a “surprise.”

The parking lot was almost full but I had to go for it. All the checkout lines were backed up down the isles. Lucky for me I stood in line with some very nice people and we tried to make the best of it.

I don’t blame the summer residents/visitors for wanting to come here and get out of the big cities for awhile. My question is for the town planners as to why we can’t get another grocery market (of any size) up here.

We don’t need any more gas station/mini-markets or dollar stores. And we sure don’t need any more RV parks if we can’t accommodate the additional demand for grocery supplies.

One more point...please don’t take out your frustrations on the check-out clerks in any business. It’s not their fault and in most cases they are doing the best they can under difficult circumstances.

Let’s keep our community welcoming yet not over burdened.

Rodney Skowronek,


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What is interesting is the grocery stores in the VALLEY prices are cheaper. So the flatlanders come here and pay more, they can afford it. Now when they are rude to my grocery store clerks, I give it right back to them. WE full time year round residents do not need the rudeness they bring and lack of knowing how to park in the parking lots.

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