Now that Congress is back in session, perhaps they will address some of the issues that affect the daily lives of their constituents. One such issue is that of surprise medical bills, which are the results of insurance companies denying doctor or hospital services months later for being out-of-network.

The common remedies being offered by Congress is either government rate-setting or insurance companies setting rates. Both are sure disasters which would probably cause rural areas to face closing hospitals and doctors moving away.

Some states have created Independent Dispute Resolution Committees bringing doctors and insurers together to resolve the surprise medical bills. Perhaps Congress can look beyond insurance lobbyists so patients can be protected, and we don’t lose our rural medical facilities.

Jim Glenn,


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Sure am glad I have government run original Medicare. The whole United States is my network.


Honestly do not think that Summit will close its doors as they are currently making a monopoly of the health care on this mountain.


Right you are. And, in spite of their $80M remodel, they still use their helicopter service to fly people off the mountain for the most nonsensical things. Follow the money.


One more good reason to begin Medicare-for-all.

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