During research for my sister who had a sort of a breakdown at her workplace. She was extremely upset because she said it wasn't like her, she took pride in her job, but additional work load was put upon her with no discussion or concern of the stress she would be put under. I myself have felt shame for a situation I was in. My research brought me to an article that stated that chronic work stress can change our personalities. After reading I was astonished! So many have lost good paying jobs due to stress and heavy workloads by job reduction, etc. Now we have COVID, less jobs and more responsibilities. Employers are to ready to drop excellent employees because of outburst due to stress in their jobs. If employers would work with their employees to consider their stressors and changing work place practices by sitting down and talking about the issues and coming up with resolutions. Instead they fire you, send you home to think about it or call for an investigation for your bad behavior so you can be penalized. How humiliating and feeling of shame is tremendous. Yes there are always bad eggs and I'm not talking about them. There on their own. The point of this letter, even if it reaches just one employer, maybe they will do their research, they owe it to their trusted hard working employees. If you give your employees a chance rather than throwing them away due to behavior NOT NORMAL to the employee, you can build a stronger healthier employee. This can happen to management also, ever say to yourself wow that's not like them, not their normal personality, it can happen to all of us. Be kind. Thank you.

Theresa Sorensen,


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