How does it feel knowing that the corporate media along with Democrat politicians have lied to you for four years?

The Russian Hoax (a.k.a. RussiaGate), that was kept alive on the news channels for four years and that led to Trump's first impeachment, was started and paid for by the DNC and Hillary Clinton's campaign. There have been multiple criminal subpoenas issued for lying to the FBI for people that worked for Hillary and the DNC. Those lies led to more bogus lies and before we all knew it, corporate media, except for Fox News, reported the lies as facts. Journalists were given awards for their stories and coverage of a big lie!

Most recently the same media and politicians continue to lie about Kyle Rittenhouse and the facts of the trial. They claim he is a "white supremacist" with zero evidence presented in the trial. If you believe he is it's because of a picture he took with the "OK" sign, let me remind you that Joe Biden flashes the same sign, along with millions of other people. They claim he took an AR-15 across state lines, which again the facts in the case showed the gun was in Kenosha, at his friend's house. They claim he shouldn't have been there to begin with. Again, he was asked by the owners of the used car lot to protect the property. If you are interested in watching the trial for yourself, I encourage you to look up various YouTube channels of criminal lawyers that gave real-time analysis as the trial was going on, such as Reikta Law. Unbelievable and unethical coverage by the corporate media and lying politicians spreading hate about this case of clear cut self defense.

We the People cannot turn on the corporate news and expect true and unbiased reporting any longer! Sorry to say but Trump was right, corporate media is fake news!

Now… think about their COVID-19 coverage and their fear-based reporting, horse dewormer lies, false reporting of scientific data, and misleading the public on cases and death counts and what it has done to our society.

Corporate media is the enemy of the people. Lying politicians are the enemy of the people. People that blindly follow the corporate media and support tyranny and fascist government are also enemy of the people. We the People have a duty to stop tyranny and it starts with turning off the corporate media and voting out ALL incumbents that support unconstitutional mandates.

What good do the media and lying politicians serve this great country when they bear false witness time and time again and stoke the flames of hatred in this country?

Terry Shepard,



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You realize that you are getting your information from part of the media and some of the politicians. You just agree with the ones you like. Neither side cares about you. They just want control and money.


Well said Mr. Shepard.

True, neither side really care for us, their purpose is to polarize our emotions. Why play the left/right game? Don't be a Dem or a Republican, be a truth seeker and cultivate a just mind. Why put yourself into one of their boxes? Don't be a tool for either party, and shed the brainwashing.


Talk about fanning the flames! Talk about pick and choose! The only redeeming thing about this letter is the fact that it will soon be forgotten.

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