APS customers are victims and APS employees the pawns in an irresponsibly- managed electric utility system in which babies, the elderly and disabled are most at risk.

I have met some very good people who work at APS, but for service and understanding to improve, I believe there must be a dramatic change from the poison culture spawned by CEO Don Brandt. Especially with the nation’s Business Roundtable recent announcement — nearly 200 of the nation’s CEOs endorsed a major business shift, urging businesses to take all stakeholders – customers, employees, suppliers, communities – into account.

Public interest in corporate responsibility is higher than ever, and APS has been managed dreadfully.

Leila Baroody,


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What is needed for Brandt and the others giving the shutoff orders in which someone has died were responsible for people dying to be arrested and charged with manslaughter or perhaps even MURDER!


Believe it or not, your best resource against APS is their facebook page. Their customer service department is a nightmare, however, post a comment on their facebook page and they fall over themselves trying to fix your problem. Not the way it should be, but it is what it is.

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