I feel compelled to respond to Gregory Jarrin, MD’s long-winded pontificating of the “facts” surrounding the election of 2020.

First, he asserts as “fact” that Joe Biden is the President Elect because he won the Electoral College as of 11/8/2020 at 8:15 a.m. Arizona time. However, this is false because no state has certified their election results as of Veteran’s Day and therefore, Joe Biden has not won the Electoral College or anything else.

Dr. Jarrin’s second assertion of “fact,” that President Trump has lost the election and all of his lawsuits, is also false as none of the lawsuits have been heard as of Veteran’s Day. Since the lawsuits have not been heard, obviously President Trump could not have lost them.

Dr. Jarrin’s third assertion of “fact,” that “there is simply no evidence of fraud,” is not false in its entirety but it is misleading. As a 25-year veteran of law enforcement, evidence is not gathered until an investigation is conducted. The way these things go in the investigative world is there is a report of a possible crime, an investigation is conducted, evidence is collected to prove or disprove whether a crime occurred, and then judicial action is taken as warranted. People who claim that there is no evidence of fraud are simply trying to muddy the waters in order to prevent an investigation from occurring.

Based on news reports, there is ample predication for an investigation to be conducted. If Joe Biden is really the winner, as Dr. Jarrin asserts, he should have no problem with an investigation being conducted to ensure the election was fairly and properly conducted because the end result would show Joe Biden won. Based on the amount of misinformation and lies being propagated by Joe Biden’s campaign, it would seem that they have something to hide.

Doug Dodge


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Alan Joseph Smith

Joe Biden and his campaign Haven t lied about the Election process. They are asking for no more and no less than any other Projected winner of a presidential election. Yes, it s not official till the results are certified, so technically he has not won, but practically he has won and is owed a transition for taking over. All Americans should be aghast that Trump is not supporting a transition. Our national health and security are at risk. Your opinion piece was fine until you went after Biden and his lies. There you totally went off the tracks. Last I heard Trump was well over 20,000 documented lies. What is Biden s count?

Alan Smith

Lakeside AZ


I seem to recall a presidential election in 2016 where a few days after the election, while winning by 3 million more votes, Hillary called trump and congratulated him on the win, because he had 304 projected electoral votes to her 232. She conceded, even though not on single state has certified the vote.

Why? Because she lived in the real world where facts matter. tRump and his cult are not living in the real world and facts obviously don't matter. When is Donald trump going to grow up and admit defeat and concede? His continuous lawsuits do nothing but feed more $$$$ into his personal bank accounts. And his cult are to blind to see it.


Fact is Biden won the popular vote by almost 6 million votes. Biden also won the electoral votes by a count of 306 to Trump's 232. Currently, Trump has lost 20 lawsuits in court that are attempts to invalidate the people's votes and the people's will.

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