Very few Americans are against our withdrawal from Afghanistan.

But millions of us are amazed by how badly it was botched.

President Biden of course blamed Trump for limiting Biden's options by having set a May 1 withdrawal deadline. Biden said he needed to honor that agreement even though he had reversed numerous other agreements Trump had made. And, in fact, Biden did not honor the agreement Trump had made with the Taliban. He changed the deadline to Sept 11, and then August 31.

I dare say the Taliban did not appreciate that and saw it as their opening to break their parts of the agreement. Then, in a backward move, Biden withdrew more US troops before safely removing Americans and friendly Afghans. Thus, Biden needs to send in 5,000 troops to attempt to fix what he had broken.

In true political fashion, he now praises how well the evacuation is going, ignoring that he could have prevented the current situation by using just a little common sense.

In the meantime, Vice President Harris gives kind words to Biden “who has shown great emotion in expressing sadness about some of the images we have seen.”

I'm sure the effected people feel much better knowing that. Then we have Press Secretary Psaki getting all upset that a reporter talks about some Americans and friendlies being “stranded” in the country.

If Psaki checks the definition, she'd see it is exactly the correct word. Indeed, at one point our own government was telling Americans to stay put and not try to get to the airport to get out. Would Psaki prefer “stuck,” “screwed” or “left in great danger” instead of " stranded?" The Biden administration (not Bush, nor Obama nor Trump) has totally botched our withdrawal from Afghanistan.  I, for one, will not forget that.

Matthew Scully,


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Was it a good decision? Was it a bad decision? After 20 years, Biden did what three previous Presidents did not do. It was a done decision! Thank you Mr. Bush for the gift that just keeps on giving.


Alright then Mat, how would you have handled it? By the way, please inform of us your military training and experience in conducting a withdrawal at the end of a lost war. Even the brilliant Napoleon incurred immense losses (about 400,000 men in the campaign) in withdrawing from Russia in the winter of 1812. I hope you are at least as qualified as he was?


That’s exactly what Fox News said also - amazing! And they are never wrong.

White Mountain Resident

What do you smart guys making your sarcastic comments have to say to the service members' families that lost their love ones yesterday? It is so easy to armchair quarterback and criticize behind our computer screens.


On the evacuation, Biden is taking the advice and working with our military leaders. Trump would not take their advice because he said he knew more than they did.


Vtrone, and how is taking the military leaders advice working out so far?? Biden has lost 13 or our military (so far) and how many did Trump lose?? Trump negotiated from a position of strength and kept the Taliban in check and Biden has shown nothing but weakness that has resulted in the loss of our peoples lives, with more to come I am afraid. But hey no more mean tweets.


"Position of strength" lets see "We'll get out in May if you don't shoot at us" Draw down from 12000 to 2500" oh here's the hot potato, Oh and about losses, how about approximately 300,000 to 400,000 here that didn't have to die you could attribute to the Mad Hatters master strategy.


White Mountain Resident: The same thing I would say to those families who lost loved one to preventable gun violence this year. We have lost over 8100 mostly innocent people to gun violence this year. The same thing I would say to those who lost over 6600 loved ones to drunk drivers, or the same to those who lost 631,000 loved ones to COVIC preventable deaths due to the negligence of the Trump administration and various state governments who have killed many thousands by their malignant obstruction of health care necessities. In short, the same thing I would say to those who lost loved ones to any preventable violent cause.

Hairy: You couldn’t be more wrong. America, not Biden, lost those 13 servicemembers. Second, the level of American strength was the same for both presidents unless, of course, you have data to the contrary. Moreover, the Taliban had the same power during the Trump administration as they have now. Trump did not keep them in check. They fooled some Americans by stealth and guerrilla tactics but were willing to wait it out until we eventually left. You also have not told us of your plan which would have had better results. What say you?


Ah, but Trump is not in office, Biden is. You can second guess all day long what Trump or others may or may not have done. The bottom line is this was on Biden's watch!


You have forgotten that Trump dropped the "mother of all bombs" on then and then blew one of their leaders to pieces before he said now lets talk about our leaving and how it is going to go, and they knew he meant what he said. I have not heard that pulling troops first and leaving billions of equipment undemilitarized is the way to go. Civilians, equipment either taken or wrecked, and then the troops. And don't forget that after the agreement not one us service person was killed. And have you forgotten that it was Trump who fast tracked the vaccines??? And VP Harris said she would not get it because of Trump?? Trump is no longer President but the TDS seems to continue, maybe we need a fast tracked vaccine for that.


Look at the liberals above CLAMORING to support their leader who is completely and utterly inept. This debacle is all yours Democrats! The historic ineptitude of Biden’s and his "woke" crew will haunt Democrats for decades.


Russ, What was your dear leaders plan to pull troops out? The same as he did with our Kabul allies? You guys do not have the basis to pull a holier than thou act.


I agree Russ, they will NEVER say they did something wrong, its pathetic.


pxllr you cant spend 4 years complaining and then tell others to stop starting facts. The fact is that your president messed up big time and you cant admit it. All you have to do is leave your military there until your billions of dollars in equipment and people are out and you leave. It was an embarrassment.


History will record that the U.S. ended its longest war because Joe Biden refused to bend to the will of military commanders who contested and resisted his orders—just as they did with orders from Obama and Trump. As David Rothkopf writes in The Atlantic, “Unlike his three immediate predecessors in the Oval Office, all of whom also came to see the futility of the Afghan operation, Biden alone had the political courage to fully end America’s involvement.” Because Biden succeeded where other presidents failed, he alone will bear responsibility for the inevitable disappointment, heartbreak, and turmoil that accompany defeat in war. But he also deserves credit and gratitude for lives saved and for billions redirected from war to peaceful purposes.


Now Russ arrogates unto himself, more knowledge about such matters than all our most experienced military leaders, intelligence community and national security staff who advise the president on such things. But Russ, like other critics here, does not offer a plan of his own and still fails to inform us of his credentials in military and national security matters.

From Jordan we have the ludicrous “All you have to do is leave your military there until your billions of dollars in equipment and people are out and you leave.” Jordan still has not informed us of his credentials in military matters and national security policymaking. His statement displays a breathtaking ignorance of both. With only 2500 troops on the ground, we could not even hold the Kabul airfield without major re-enforcements, let alone secure the country which would be necessary to have enough secure airfields to do that job.

Second, our scant forces were not the possessors of the billions of dollars in equipment whereof he speaks. That gear was almost entirely in the hands of the Afghan military; thus, he suggests that we first strip that army of its equipment before leaving which would have ruined that last slim hope that the government could have defended itself. Simple-minded thinking produces simple-minded results.

I am a professional military officer (pilot too) and have graduated from the best military schools in the world. I am a veteran of several evacuations and served on the staff of the DCS for Planning at a major air command. Even so, it is difficult for me to entrain much second guessing on this matter because I have not received any classified intelligence briefings for quite a while, and do not have sufficient information to do so. Neither does Russ and neither does Jordan. Oh, how silly of me. It was just common sense, right!


Well said everytime !! I knew you were the man with brilliance. We are fortunate to have you with us on this crazy and beautiful mountain.

che guevara

Afghanistan is where empires go to die . The former Soviet Union collapsed within two years of it's defeat and exit from Afghanistan . Now it is the American Empire's turn as the Biden pretend - ency has toppled the first domino in what will undoubtedly become a global chain reaction of tumultuous events . The past administrations which started and potentiated this disaster in Afghanistan would have done the American and Afghan peoples a huge favor if they had only read the old Rudyard Kipling story titled ; The Man Who Would Be King . This classic set in the British Colonial India period details the disastrous consequences of two rogue British soldiers and their foray into Afghanistan for plunder and glory . History has yet again repeated itself , and the emperor indeed has no clothes .


Republicans who sat silent when their President Trump abandoned Syria and evacuated exactly zero, none, of our Kurdish allies and handed over our military bases to Russia or how they applauded Trump for doing nothing when Putin told the Taliban he'd pay them to kill U.S. soldiers. Interesting, that on Nov.2020 Trump and Pompeo bypassed the Afghan government and cut a deal with Taliban terrorist to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the Trump administration refused to give the incoming Biden administration security briefings on Afghan and world affairs. Historically, Trump has negotiated issues from a republican view point,"position of strength" was obvious when he was sending North Korea's Kim Jung Ung love letters during negotiations or when he said he believed Russia's Dictator, Putin over our own 17 U.S. intelligence agencies about election interference at Helsinki.


Excuses excuses excuses, but what else should we expect, Democrats will never admit that it was a disaster. This will always be on Biden, he's in charge now period, stop the blame game and actually own up to SOMETHING!!


Jordan: Brilliant reparte' - absolutely brilliant. We all now to your irrefutable reasoning and hereby relinquish our faulty arguments.


Jordan likes to repeat what they say on Fox fake news. He blindly trusts the so called professionals who couldn't care less about him. Wake up Jordan, it's ok to be informed with the truth. Try it.


Jordan, you republican trumpanzees need to own up to the fact that President Biden saved the lives of the 122.000 american and afghan evacuees...that is not a disaster. A disaster was Trump abandoning our long time Kurdish allies and handing over our military bases to the Russians when he exited out of Syria. Republicans crying about the blame game is only when they have much more to be blamed for and are reminded of it. Of course, republican Trump lapdogs are so gullible they believed Trump,(the master of the blame game) when he said,"I have never asked God for forgiveness because I have never done anything wrong."


All excuses excuses excuses just like I said. You played the blame game when Trump was there, now that he's gone, you're still doing it. You voted for dementia Joe, this is on you. Excuses and blame!


Burying your head in the sand and ignoring factual, historical data only serves to create informationally deprived republican talking monkees.....Trumpanzees.[wink]


Oh the name-calling! So mature - takes me right back to kindergarten!


The banter reminds me of siblings in the back seat of a car on a long trip. It's good to interact.


Ron gets to be the smart older sibling, I am the rebel and Russ is the baby in the middle with the stinky diapers

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