As the wife of a classified employee at Show Low Unified School District, I wonder if other SLUSD employees with the PPO health insurance plan realize that they had to absorb a 250% increase in their health insurance cost?

The employee health insurance cost in 2018-19 was $34 a month, in 2019-20 that cost increased to $120 a month. The 2019-20 employee insurance premium increased by $48 a month, the school district reduced, yes, reduced their contribution by $38 a month resulting in an $86 a month increase for covered employees.

In a nutshell, employee health insurance cost went from $408 a year in 2018-19 to $1,440 a year in 2019-20 when according to the superintendent the school district is sound fiscally. Why did SLUSD reduce their contribution towards their employees insurance?

A $1,032 reduction in take home pay annually is a significant loss.

It's no secret that school employee and teacher compensation is low in Arizona, seems those in administrative positions fair much better. Who, pray tell, negotiated the 2019/20 insurance package which appears to be the same coverage as the year before, but with a new administrator?

Marie Wujek,

White Mountain Lake

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You should feel blessed. Wait till you get on Medicare and pay $134 a mo for part A, and $300 a mo for part B + RX. On top of that is a $186 deductible. Office calls are $107 for 15 minutes.


Wait until you are on Medicare and have to pay over $500 a month for your suppliments!


Marie: If you had the voluntary option of Medicare you would not have any such problem. Be sure to support this improvement in health care insurance when you vote.

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