This morning I checked the weather for the day here in the beautiful White Mountains, and checked my e-mails. Then I checked the national news and was truly shaken by the news of Michael Bloomberg announcement to spend $100 million dollars on anti-Trump ad blitzes.

I ask these questions!

1. Does Michael hate Donald Trump that much?

2. Why doesn't Michael spend this money for the following: Support physical and mental health for our veterans, spend his monies to help feed the hungry in this nation, payoff student loans, better our educational systems, medical research, scholarship grants for further education. These are just a few areas where his money would be well-spent.

Keep in mind that just 7 days ago,"it is unfortunate that Michael Blomberg doesn't want to participate in this invaluable important and unique primary process and be tested the same way as other Democratic Candidates."

It is sad that politics in the Democratic Party has sunk so low that anything goes to stop Donald Trump from reelection. I feel sorry for the good and caring Democrats that are trying to fulfill their political obligations to the people who elected them and to our country. Our president is trying to manage this country along with insurmountable issues from the Middle East, Russia, China and immigration issues from South America. Keep in mind, that most of the issues were not handled by previous administrations.

Some of the news media is just another facet of misinformation, or opinions from other sources, and let's not forget ratings.

I ask you, take a look at the Democratic candidates and ask yourself, "where would we be now if either of them would be president?" We have our freedom — to be cherished and protected as written in our Constitution. Please keep in mind the veterans both past and present who gave their lives so that we may enjoy the freedoms we have today.

Wayne S. Buzzard,


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I agree with you. Good editorial.


The question Mr. Buzzard is: Would you prefer Michael Bloomberg set up a charitable foundation, only to steal money from it as was done by republican President Trump? You do know that Donald Trump was fined by the IRS and by the state of New York, and in addition, the Trump Foundation was dissolved by court order. It was a scam!! Moreover, while you are pontificating about what Bloomberg should do with his money, you should look into why republican Donald Trump was fined 25 million by the courts for the swindling millions of dollars in his fake Trump University scam. Ever wonder how much time the Cheeto President Trump spends on the job when most of his time is spent on the Golf course, twitting thousands of times, campaigning and raising money from the first day he took office? Note: He hasn't even made Mexico pay for the wall yet.....he is making you, Mr.Buzzard and the American people pay for it.

White Mountain Resident

Interesting comment Al. It still doesn't change the fact that Michael Bloomberg could better spend his money helping people, rather than promoting his ego.


White mountain Resident, Me thinks it would be better for you to worry about more about republican Billionaires Koch Bros., Sheldon Adelson and Donald "Cheeto" Trump spending their money on their egos. After all, isn't it Donald Trump that says he is never wrong, that he has never made a mistake,that he can grope women in their private parts anytime, that he has never asked God for forgiveness because he has never done anything wrong or bad, that his mind is a super brillant mind, that he can do anything better than anyone else in the world. Of course, one has to note that it was conservative republicans that fought to allow corporations and Billionaires to spend unlimited amounts of money on elections in the Supreme Court case of "Citizens United." You conservative republicans won the case and now you republicans are crying because some Billionires are siding with the Democrats. Get over it, you republicans put our elections up for sale.


Good thoughts, Wayne. Thanks for sharing.

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