Nov.2, was very, very telling and showed the country that even if "you" are "Blue" of paper, the majority of Americans are "Red" in real life. We saw this with the wonderful "Red" wave in "Blue" states. The American people, both "Blue" and "Red", see how radical and damaging the Democrat agenda is to America.

As we go into 2022, think about how Tom O'Halleran, LD 1 Democrat incumbent, has voted and what he has given support to with the Democrat agenda and whether we, Arizona voters, want to continue to support him. He blindly voted twice to impeach President Trump, supports Black Lives Matter(a Marxist and CRT pushing organization), voted for girls to be drafted, supports authoritative (and UnAmerican) vaccine mandates, and most importantly votes with Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time.

Arizona is a "Red" state and what a difference we have seen between "Blue", Democrat ran, states and "Red", Republican ran, states over the last 2 years. "Red" states opened up before the "Blue" states after the economic shutdown (lockdown), some even opening without restrictions. "Blue" states clamped down with harsh restrictions, such as CA & NY, when they finally opened back up. Now we see "Red" states fighting back against mask mandates, forced vaccination mandates, CRT being taught at government public K-12 schools, while "Blue" states are in full support of all of these.

A recent poll shows 71% of Americans think Joe Biden's presidency and unconstitutional mandates are moving the country in the wrong direction. "You" might be "Blue" on paper, but when you step into the voting booth think about what you are voting for and if you want to see this "Red" state follow in the "Blue" states' footprints. If you value personal liberty, bodily autonomy, personal responsibility, and denounce racism then vote "Red" in real life. Democrat Tom O'Halleran is voting for bills that are moving this country in the wrong direction.

It boils down to: The division in this country is not Democrats vs Republicans but rather those that support a totalitarian, bio-security state ("Blue") and those that support liberty and freedom ("Red").

Franziska Owens,


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I am not going to address all of your word salad of buzz words and misconceptions. I am going to ask you a few questions. What is CRT and what schools are teaching it? Do you even know what it is or where it is taught? I am fairly sure if check the curriculum at the local K-12 schools, you will not find CRT on any of them. And why are you so adverse to the idea that kids might learn American History? That kids might learn the confederacy lost the Civil War and that a result of that Civil War was that slavery, ie the idea that one person could own another person was wrong. When did caring for your fellow humans become something evil to be eliminated and legislated out of existence?


This letter just shows how Arizona ranks close to the bottom in most categories. Especially education. Where do you get your facts?


We are not at the bottom of all things. If the data reported yesterday turns out to be accurate then Arizona (led by Reds) is the only State with Covid as our number One cause of death.


My daughter is an RN at Summit. They are full on three floors and the ICU is exploding. They are so short handed also.


Look right now in this United States of America, if you are blinded by high fuel prices that changes the price of everything due to the ignorance of the current White House Administration. They are lost as it has no change in what they do of buy. The White House has not woken up to fact of how many of us Americans they are hurting. CRAZY! Looking forward to getting rid of the dummies.


The fact that you blame rising gas prices on the present administration says all we need to know about your woeful lack of factual information and knowledge of world affairs. Gas prices are rising because demand is up as the pandemic eases in a lot of places, people want to hit the road again to visit family and friends they haven't seen in a while.

High natural gas prices in Europe also has some facilities switching over to a relatively cheaper alternative oil.

Plus, supply isn't keeping up, the U.S. is producing less oil now than it did before COVID.

NONE of those factors are under the control of the White House.


While I might have stated it differently, I agree with the letter-writer's basic premise, And I think Fishinguy spoke my thoughts, too. But as usual, the left is louder and more bull-headed than the right, so if we don't fight back, we're going to lose in the long run.


Over 95% of COVID Deaths are the unvaccinated. Looks like Darwin was correct, we are getting rid of the dummies.


If you do actual research and listen to more than one TV show you might open your eyes and see the boogeyman isn't CRT. We had a section on CRT in the 80s at USAFA. The bottom-line was that some ideas/laws sound good but they disproportionately hit one ethnic group.


"The current GOP has become the party of anti-America. They do not represent the majority of the population; cheat their way into election through voter suppression, gerrymandering and discrediting elections long before they are held; and ignore the needs and values of most Americans. They have no problem with hateful speech, violent threats or even violence itself. They are beholden to a long-term lying, fraudster who pulled one of his biggest cons on both the party and America and has become a cult rather than a party. Dissenting views are no longer accepted and those that dare to challenge are publicly ridiculed, threatened and kicked out. And they have leaders like McCarthy who are too willing to lie to support the cult and carry out his “Dear Leader’s” wishes. We need a working two party system and the current GOP no longer fits that bill."

- Veterans Against Trumpism


There are two ideas at work here, both of which do not survive even the most cursory examination.

The first has to do with definitions of liberty, freedom and personal responsibility which fall entirely outside the norm for a democratic republic. Essentially, this means that a “free” person can do whatever she wishes without regard to community norms and values where personal responsibility means that virtually all decision making is individualized, no matter the impact on public health or safety. The definition which most fits that notion is called anarchy: “a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government. The absence or denial of any authority or established order.” Such an arrangement is possible only when a person has eschewed a society which has broad-ranging rules, enforced by the exclusive power of government, and chooses instead to live in a wilderness in a state of self-reliance.

Living in our democratic republic, however, requires ceding to our government a broad constellation of powers which require every citizen to relinquish some personal freedoms in exchange for the order, security and amenities thus provided. This is called the social contract and we can and do change those rules, by majority vote in elections and litigation. This closely adheres to the radical notion of the Enlightenment that legitimate government governs only with the consent of the governed majority. To live in our democratic republic but to insist on compliance only with those laws with which you agree, under the false flag of liberty, must eventually lead to some difficulties which are well-deserved.

The second error is encapsulated in “The division in this country is not Democrats vs Republicans but rather those that support a totalitarian, bio-security state ("Blue") and those that support liberty and freedom ("Red").” This comment reenforces the idea that personal decision-making is superior to democratic decision making by labeling long-established powers of government (mandatory vaccination, mask-wearing, quarantine, or whatever any individual chooses) as “totalitarian”; however, a government that is totalitarian is not replaceable by the people and demands total subservience of the people in all matters. The term “bio-security” is not defined and is meaningless in this context.

Throughout the nation, we have been experiencing the disorder and violence occasioned by those who think along the lines of this author, whom I invite to respond with a list of those government policies which are totalitarian in nature. I checked six nationally known polling sites and not a single one showed any concern on the part of voters about any over-reach by this administration – not one. There is however broad support for most of Biden’s agenda.

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