I am a student at the University of Arizona.

I have spent the last four years of my life learning about the beauty of our natural world and the danger that it is in. Hearing about Joe Biden’s plan to protect 30% of our lands and waters by 2030 was such a breath of fresh air and a weight off of my shoulders.

I am fortunate that I had the opportunity to grow up in the Arizona desert. I spent my days hiking, camping, rock climbing, and trail running. Both beauty and sadness have arisen out of my fond relationship with the desert.

On one hand, my relationship with the desert fostered a great passion for protecting the natural world, pushing me to pursue environmental studies. On the other hand, I’ve experienced firsthand the degradation of my beautiful desert. It is hotter, drier, and there are fewer native species while harmful invasive plants and animals grow exponentially.

I am deeply afraid for both my beautiful home and the world beyond it. My goal is to preserve the world that has given us so much for our children and the generations that follow them. That is why I'm asking Senators Sinema and Kelly to support the Biden's administration 30x30 conservation plan.

Annalisa Dixon,


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Will Biden's plan stop all of the idiots that leave camp fires burning? Will the plan stop loosers from parking there car in tall cry grass which also starts fires and burns down the desert? Now if this so called plan would stop ignorant people from those activities great. Other wise forget about it.


fishingguy, plans to stop the situations you mention have been in place for many years. They are called law enforcement and education. However, as with any law or regulation, there willl always be some stupid, selfish people and as the saying goes, "you can't fix stupid."

White Mountain Resident

The Federal government already owns over 27% of the land in the US. So Biden wants to acquire another 3%. I'm all for it. Only problem is the US acquires most land through money received from the Land and Water Conservation Fund. These funds are from royalties earned from off-shore oil and gas reserves. As we all know, he wants to nix these leases. If he thinks Congress will just spend general funds to acquire more lands, he must be smoking some wacky weed. (Is it legal in Delaware?) It appears he has come up with another good talking point for the masses.

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