How many more millions of dollars will taxpayers just shrug their shoulders over?

Nobody supports the cops more than I do, but if the county is in the hole $16M in just retirement debt, somebody's screwed up.

And if all the money thrown at "studies" on the 4FRI fiasco might as well have been burned, somebody else has screwed up.

We taxpayers paid every dollar of that money that's taken a powder. Who gets the blame?

Leslie Baker,



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I'm just saying in a concerned citizen's manner that the whole picture here is off. Each officer has about $3,800 a year taken (no choice) from their paychecks to be held by the Retirement Investment Pros. (their job). The employee turnover rate is probably 80% in two years. If the employee has not been employed by the County for 10 years minimum they do not qualify for a so called "match". So let's think about this......where is all the interest they earned on the paycheck money for ya? You get back exactly what you put in when you quit. Where is the money they made on your money? They stopped paying any match on your own money taken not by your choice from your paycheck in the year the stock market was super high. ok. As a retired Accountant for the County and many non-profits; it still doesn't balance.

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