Polls are designed in most cases to be scientific samples to predict outcomes. When polls are off by large margins, then we naturally assume it is the poll that has made the mistake. How can polls be so accurate concerning “issues” like propositions and so off by candidates at the federal level?

A dead canary (polls not matching results) should make us concerned about cheating in the election. We have several measures to avoid voter fraud, but only one source to counting fraud. A vote tally machine. We know machines can cheat, look at Volkswagen’s emissions scandal.

In Navajo County we have paper ballots that are secured and available to run a transparent hand count audit. This would provide a second source of counting and a second opportunity to review ballots that may not be legitimate.

There’s no rush to certification. We have months before any transition. Our democracy deserves an accurate count. County supervisors — two sources of counting are better than one.

Kenny Cail,


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