If you watched the Democratic debate last night I hope you continued watching the interviews of the candidates afterwords. The moderators started the debate asking about President Trump impeachment and all the candidates support impeachment then went on to make the most disparaging remarks about our President. Liar, bully, criminal, etc. etc.etc. Then came the interviews after the debate and Corey Booker unwittingly summed up the Democratic candidates without realizing what he was saying. When asked about the tone of the debate, specifically about how they attacked each other, Mr. Booker stated that what they say reflects more on themselves. I couldn't agree more with you Mr. Booker. The level of disrespect they show Pres. Trump is unprecedented in my history and I am totally appalled by their pettiness. Is Pres. Trump a perfect man, not by a long shot, but he is doing the job he said he would and has fulfilled more campaign promises in his first two and half years than any President in history. We elect Presidents to do a job and he is doing it quite well.

Lee Hendrickson,

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Humm, Let's see. 1. Has Trump kept his promise that Mexico is paying for the wall? A big NO!

2. Has Trump kept his promise to make a better nuclear agreement with Iran? NO!

3. Has Trump kept his promise to negotiate a better agreement than NAFTA? A big fat NO!

4. Has Trump kept his promise to drain the swamp? Not only a big NO! but Trump has brought in bigger alligators into the swamp.

5. Has Trump kept his promise lowering taxes for the middle class and the poor? NO! only for the rich.

6. Has Trump kept his promise of having and open and transperant government? NO! He ordered everyone in the Executive Branch not to co-operate with the Mueller investigation and with impeachment inquiry. Why do that if you are innocent of any wrongdoing?

7. republican Donald Trump took an oath of office, a promise, to defend the United States Constitution, instead he is doing everything to undermine the U.S. Constitution.

8. Trump promised that if he got elected, he would come out making lots of money. He is keeping that promise by using our government for unethical, illegal, unconstitutional schemes.


And the willful self-delusion goes on.




As a Democrat, the Question again is: Why doesn't WMI put up my post submitted on 10/18/2019?


O.K. O.K. I wonder if the WMI online editor is aware that single space between sentences exist?[whistling]

Lee, in regards to your letter have you forgotten the lack of respect the pathological liar Trump and his brain dead minions showed President Obama with their "Birth Conspiracy" lies for 5 years? Maybe you forgot how Trump belittled Ted Cruz's wife as being ugly? You get the respect you give others and Trump has no respect nor empathy for anyone that does not kiss his feet.


Al: I have written to the editor about the spacing problem. Ron


Bunch of clowns the DNC has. Can’t beat trump might as well try to impeach him. (This comment edited by WMI)

(Edited by staff.)


Russ: To begin with, the DNC has no role in impeachment proceedings. Your should reference the Democrat majority in the U.S. House of Representatives wherein lies the constitutional obligation to call into account an offending president. I'm not quite sure how you have already divined the outcome of the 2020 presidential election with your "can't beat him" conclusion. Here are the results of most recent polling for that election.

General Election: Trump vs. Biden


Biden 53, Trump 43

Biden +10

General Election: Trump vs. Warren


Warren 52, Trump 44

Warren +8

General Election: Trump vs. Sanders


Sanders 52, Trump 43

Sanders +9

General Election: Trump vs. Buttigieg


Buttigieg 50, Trump 44

Buttigieg +6

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