Can’t cross

the street

I live across the street from the Truck Stop in Lakeside which has great entertainment, food and vendors.

I would love to go there but I can’t get across the street since we don’t have a signal, a cross walk, stop sign, bridge or a tunnel to get there.

I don’t drive so that’s not an option. It’s time we had access to get to the other side of the street like a light signal stop sign cross walk tunnels or bridges. I know we won’t be getting tunnels or bridges.

Let’s try for light signals.

Kim Cassell,


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I say no to that, we dont need our nice small community turning into Flagstaff.


It is my understanding that at every intersection has a cross walk even if it is not a marked cross walk. Check the adot laws.


Not really any different than the vehicles trying to pull out going left in many areas on the mountain in the summer. You go to the center lane and then proceed from there. The particular area referenced is a curve and traffic is hard to see until it is on top of you. A winding road has that issue in many places. That being said, there is a light 2 or 3 blocks down and when I walk in that area and need to cross, I go to the nearest light. While I understand the frustration of trying to cross in that area, I also do not see a need for a light every block. I remember the 1st light which was Park Pineway. Now there are 4 lights in a short distance. 5 if you count the one at the Maverik. I really would not like to see a light every block.

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