President Trump has broken the law.

He pressured the Secretary of State of Georgia and his lawyer on Saturday, Jan. 2, to change the 2020 Presidential election results in the State of Georgia. On a recorded phone call, President Trump used lies about ballot shredding and manipulation of voting machines to rationalize illegally changing the election. He threatened both people on the call with legal action. He was trying to extort them.

“In a one-hour phone call Saturday with Georgia election officials, President Trump insisted he won the state and threatened vague legal consequences if the officials did not act.” — (1/3/21, Washington Post)

It is way past time that we get past these lies. Trump has violated the law. Republicans have to finally get some courage to put an end to this fiasco for the sake of our country.

Stop the misinformation. Stop the attempted coup. President Trump should immediately be censured by Congress. He should resign as soon as possible for overtly trying to “find 11,780 votes” in his favor in Georgia.

Gregory Jarrin, MD,


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Wait, wait, the world of Trump crime moves fast. Since that call, Trump was guilty of at least 3 things Wednesday: (1) Inciting to Riot, (2) Aiding and abetting federal crimes prohibiting entry or destruction of Capitol property, (3) Sedition.


Oh so Antifa and BLM were not present and causing unrest that day? Tell me I am wrong, nope those are the ones whom caused the major of the issues that day. Not any of the Trump supporters.

It will not be long before we all will be subjects to the socialism that is coming and soon. You will not be able to voice your opinion unless it is there opinion.


Hard to imagine the Anti-Fascists would be joining the Trump Fascists in an act of treason, since the anti-Fascist are real patriots. Unfortunately, for the weak minded, uninformed, the Trump Fascist extremists groups have already claimed credit for their attack on the United States of America. So far over 80 fascists extremists have been identified and arrested and not one is Anti Fascist (Antifa). There is a reason Trump encouraged foreign countries to interfere in our elections; there is a reason Trump gave top secret information to the Russians; there is a reason Trump destroyed our checks and balance system; there is a reason Trump sided with authoritarian Russian Putin instead of our 17 intelligence agencies; there is a reason Trump attempted to discredit and destroy the nations news media, those are the actions of a pathological lying, delusional, Demagogue Dictator wanna be.


fishinguy: It takes a really special kind of twisted thinking to believe that people from the left would dress up as people from the right and storm the Capitol to change the outcome of an election they just won. Really "special."


fishinguy, You are right. BLM and ANTIFA are the ones that stormed the capital. The same crew that did the makeup in the movie "WHITE CHICKS" Had a trailer on site to disguise all the rioters. All the Re-Trumplicans were standing in line by the food trucks.


“Oh so Antifa and BLM were not present and causing unrest that day? “

COMMENT: This is a purely rhetorical question which is asked not to elicit a factual answer but to underscore a point. Often used when the point is without proof, as in this case,

“Tell me I am wrong, nope those are the ones whom caused the major of the issues that day. Not any of the Trump supporters.”

COMMENT: This is a self-answer to the above rhetorical question which presents a logical fallacy. There are no references to any evidential support for the claim made; thus, it is merely an unsubstantiated opinion without supporting data.

“It will not be long before we all will be subjects to the socialism that is coming and soon.”

COMMENT: This simply an appeal to ignorance. No candidate in the 2020 presidential election made any reference to the inclusion of socialism in either the platform of the party or the agenda of the candidate. There is virtually no socialism in America, and none is being sought.

“You will not be able to voice your opinion unless it is there opinion.”

COMMENT: There is no explanation of who “they” are; however, the first amendment provision for free speech is one of the most fiercely defended rights in this polity. It seems unlikely that Joe Biden or any of his team, thus far identified, would choose to, or have any reason to suppress free speech. The most robust examples of that kind of government conduct come from authoritarian governments, not democratic ones.


As a veteran, my concerns are still that this trump administration has not said one word denouncing the Russians paying bounties to ISIS and the Taliban for every American soldier they kill. Trump pardoned 4 convicted murderers who murdered over a dozen including women and children. This placed our soldiers in the middle east into even more extreme danger than they already were. Donald Cadet Bone Spurs trump the Coward in Chief called our soldiers and veterans and our dead losers and suckers! Every soldier and veteran took an oath to defend the constitution, not the crook that happens to be president. Good thing too, cause the president when I took that oath was Nixon!

Trump needs to be gone before he can cause any more damage!


The politicians (both liberal and conservative) need to step back and shut their mouths. The media need to turn off their cameras and microphones. If Trump is not given any attention, or a stump to pontificate from, it would be harder on him than anything the courts or Congress could do to him!


5 persons are dead, one of them, a capitol policeman was murdered by the same crowd of right wing traitors who stormed the United States capitol. They were also armed with military style weapons and pipe bombs. All the time the coward in chief,seditious traitorTrump was publicly edging them on and telling them "I love you." Trump is just as guilty of being an accessory to murder as would be the driver of a getaway car when a bank is being robbed and a guard is murdered. When innocent people are killed in an illegal, unconstitutional, treasonous crime, Americans should demand justice, to do otherwise, would be to condone murder and domestic terrorist attacks on our country


Gosar"s gotta go.


Trump is irrelevant now.


Gosar has got to go!

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