On Tuesday, Governor Doug Ducey, a Republican, announced that the state would be withdrawing financial incentives promised to Nike over the company dropping an American flag-style shoe, reportedly at the behest of former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Two cheers for you Governor Ducey for standing up for our country! You get three cheers if you come out against Senator Allen and Chairman Ward's sales tax increases that they want! They don’t mean well, Governor! Help stop this tax increase brought on by republican socialist whom are going to turn our state BLUE!

Steven Slaton,

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Wait? Punishing a company that you wouldn't buy from in the first place for not making some gaudy freedom shoe is standing up for America?


Yes three big cheers! It is a sad state in this country when a shoe company that is guilty of slave labor to make they're ugly shoes tries to stand on some false premise that an out of work has been quarterback feeds to them. Why does anyone, and I mean anyone care what Colin Kapernick has to say about anything? He is now the Al Bundy of the NFL, bad at football and now is stuck selling shoes. I will never but a pair of Nike shoes, heck you couldn't pay me to wear some! America should boycott Nike and put them out of business.


And then our fine Governor wore Nikes to a 4th of July event. Hypocrisy much?


Crazy that he did.


Awesome job Governor!


If it was so awesome why was he wearing their shoes the next day? Lots of talk but no walk...


Which is more unpatriotic? Republican Governor Ducy supporting Trump even tho Trump gave top secret intelligence information to the Russian Ambassador that endangered the lives of our CIA agents or Nike not going with a painted flag on their sneakers? At this point one has to wonder if Ducy is a socialist because he surely doesn't believe in free enterprise.


The Trump Derangement Syndrome is strong in this one ^^^^^^


lol... I'm pretty sure he knew what he was putting on. Unless you think he is dumb...


You go, Gov. Ducey! And most of understand if you grabbed the first pair of shoes as you hurried out the door that morning, try to ignore those who are offended by EVERYTHING.


Let's see now, if America were to boycott Nike and put them out of business, that means that we would have no more sneakers in America. Essentially, we would be morally bound to boycott all the other makers who also pay slave wages? Shirts too, and all clothing and all appliances and all......................got it now?


Let us boycott it!


Nike makes it's shoes in the same country that trump's MAGA merchandise comes from.


Flags? Boycott the Confederate flag which in fact bore arms against the United States.

commador perry

Dump Trump 2020




See page 7 of the July 9th issue of The Independent if you are curious about what really happened.


Been there and done that. Please give us some facts.

commador perry

Who is it that can only repeat the b.s. they hear on fox news? Its weak minded republicans. No minds of their own. Evangulibles programed to believe nonsence from a young age.


The founder of Nike was a highly decorated WWII vet. God Bless him, and he passed in 1999. The second in command, as we now see is a yellow bellied punk who needs to be booted from the Great American company it was.


Do you have any facts about that?


Who cares what emblem Nike or any other shoemaker puts on their shoes. If people don't like it, they don't have to buy them.Simple as that. Our country has much bigger problems that should be addressed, such as we now have a republican president, a draft dodger,a traitor, a liar, a racist, an admitted sexual predator and accused rapist of underage girls,who supported accused child molester Roy Moore and now is throwing his full support to then federal prosecutor, now Trump's Secretary of Labor, Alex Acosta who gave Trump's billionaire buddy,Epstein, a child molester and rapist, a slap on the wrist for having molested dozens of under age children. It's a sad situation that the chief law enforment officer of the nation,republican President Donald Trump is himself an admitted sexual predator and was accused of rape,and is now openly defending other accused child molesters and their enablers. Where is the outrage of the republican politicans, the republican party? Where are their moral values and principles? Their silence is deafening and is a sign of their acceptance of the belief that rich, influential men are above the law, therefore, they can molest/rape children all they want. What a sewer these republican enablers have dragged our country into. Elizabeth Warren is right, there are two legal systems in the United States ....one for the wealthy and corporations and one for the rest of americans.

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