I have followed with amusement the ongoing drama of the Democrats and the mainstream media impeaching Donald Trump. To me, it resembles a 3-ring circus led by the head clown, Adam Schiff.

The whole charade is based on the assumption that the American people are stupid and will believe anything they are fed. The first two “star” witnesses in the House impeachment proceedings testified that they heard from a person who heard from another person … come on!

The Democrats have shot themselves in both feet. With the resulting limited mobility, they have elected to grab a shovel and dig their own grave.

Come November, I see a landslide Trump victory and Congress becoming Republican once again.

Rick Evans,


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me too


From your keyboards to God's ears, Rick & Russ. We all need to vote red or I fear that we've lost the battle to the socialists.


The whole charade is based on the assumption that the American people are stupid and will believe anything they are fed."........."THE GREAT DECEIVER" has a check mark right next to your name sir.


Some Republicans don't even know that the star witnesses aren't Democrats. They are Trump's own personal lawyers and their criminal associates. They are Trump administration officials, appointed by Trump. And now the United States Government Accountibilty Office (GAO) issued a statement that Trump committed a crime by witholding appropriated funds to Ukraine. The GAO is not a political party, it is an agency of our government, created to hold accountable all branches of government and all politicians like Trump that aspire to be dictators.

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These witnesses represent only a fraction of those individuals from Trump's administration with direct information. The others, are examples of Trump's "Obstruction of Justice", and have been instructed not to testify. We are dealing with a "stable genius" who has had a an education of over 30 years from a cadre of lawyers. Their duty was to train him in the art of "Plausible Deniability". Finding the truth will not be an easy solution.


Mr. Evans may be correct. There seems to be no end to the ignorance of a large segment of the American population. They seem to believe every bit of BS this president spews. Trump uses the constitution as toilet paper and they cheer. He calls American military officers idiots and cowards and the bobble head crowd applauds. The seven deadly sins seem to have been written with trump in mind but his devotees believe him to be a good Christian. Sad to see the end of the American dream in my lifetime.


You know what, it absolutely doesn't matter what happens. From the day Democrats lost the election they've looked at Trump through a microscope waiting to find something to impeach him for and all they could come up with is "abuse of power" and obstruction of congress. There are numerous times that Obama did and said he would do things apart from the permission of Congress. Take for example drone strikes. Trump just recently had one drone strike without congress's permission yet in Obama's term he conducted over 500 without permission yet we don't hear anything about that. Let's just cut to the chase, Democrats don't like Trump because he's not a Democrat period. Now I know that I'll get a whole bunch of comments giving me excuses why he should be impeached and that's all they are, excuses. The economy is good (of course this has nothing to do with Trump) the job rate is good (again not because of trump) and a normal law abiding citizen in the US is living a pretty darn good life so get over it Democrats and deal with the fact that Hillary LOST!!!


Go TRUMP! Keep America Great 2020


Rick has a secret he is keeping from us when he exclaims, “Come November, I see a landslide Trump victory and Congress becoming Republican once again.” The secret is the means by which he has achieved these divinations which is contrary to all evidence now in hand.

RealClear Politics depicts the results of national aggregate polls, updated on Jan 14th, which show that Trump loses to Biden, Sanders, Warren and Bloomberg and beats only Buttigieg 0.7%. The aggregate, of course, includes some pollsters who are rated poorly by Five Thirty-Eight; thus, the more accurate results would increase the Democrats’ lead by as much as several points. For example, Sacred Heart University polling reveals that Trump loses to Biden, Sanders, Warren and Buttigieg by 13-19 points—a landslide in every case.

Now, there is a very long time between now and election day; thus, no one can now say that Trump has any chance of winning, based on scientific polling. Rick is engaged in wishful thinking. That does not mean that I predict who will win. I don’t know that and neither does anyone else. Unless, however, there is some change in the consistent polling thus far, the edge must presently go to the DEMS.


to Russ, see if your bone spur man will change your diapers soon! He is destroying the America we all had.


Jordan is correct that from day one when Trump won the elections with the illegal help of the Russians and was still only able to get 3 million popular votes less than Hillary Clinton. The american people have wanted to get rid of the self admitted sexual predator, business swindler, racist Fascist con man since day one. Personally, I hate liars and donald trump is a pathological liar from even before day one of his illegal Russian assisted election victory. Moreover, the american people (not republicans) expect the truth, not lies from their elected government officals whether it be a mayor, city councilman, a governor, or the president of the U.S. Trump has over 14,000 lies to his credit and keeps spinning more on a daily basis.


Yes the economy has been good under Trump, thanks to President Obama fixing the republican disasterous 2008 Great Recession and leaving Trump a great economy. However, the question has to be asked, why are republicans willing to help trump destroy American Democracy,the American Constitution, the American Checks and Balance system, just because the economy is good? After all, Hitler also had a good economy. Apperantly, it seems republicans are more into greed than into Patriotism or love of country.

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