Kudos to "Comeback Joe" Biden on his surprising come from behind victory in the Super Tuesday primaries. Now if he can remember where he is and the current day of the week, we might have something.

Rick Evans,


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No, no you will have NOTHING


Hummm, Joe Biden unlike Trump is not reading from a teleprompter, his voice modulates and he's not a sedated zombie. He understands the problem and he actually cares. Joe Biden and President Obama left Trump a healthy growing economy, a shrinking deficit, an office on Global Health Security to manage pandemic preparedness which Trump promptly did away with, and an Iran nuclear deal which Trump pulled out of, allowing Iran to resume their quest for nuclear weapons.


I like you to explain to us why it is Obama refuses to back Biden and told the American people he is not capable of doing the job. Does this concern the Dems? It would appear hatred for another, not performance is what drives your political decisions and views.


Simple, Obama refuses to back any Democratic candidate until there is a primary winner. That is only fair to all candidates. He has said he will back whoever wins the Democratic primary elections. The question is asked , "why do people hate Trump?" the answer is again simple. People don't like being lied to especially by someone who is a government official. It has been documented Trump has told the american people over 16,000 lies, which by any standard qualifies him as a pathological liar. He is a self admitted sexual predator.(Billy Bush tapes) He is a financial swindler per Trump University and the Trump Foundation. He has accomplished nothing,has not kept his promises, and professes a love for Putin, Kim Jung Ung, the Saudi Prince that killed the American Washington Post reporter. Republican Senator Ted Cruz said it best in a May 2016 news conference. He accused Trump of being a "pathological liar," "utterly amoral," "a narcissist at a level I don't think this country's ever seen" and "a serial philanderer."

"He is proud of being a serial philanderer ... he describes his own battles with venereal diseases as his own personal Vietnam," Cruz said, citing a decades-old Trump appearance on "The Howard Stern Show."


First, Creepy Joe needs to stop fondling women and little girls and sniffing their hair. Second, he needs to curb his grumpy old man vibe and stop yelling at potential voters calling them jacka$$es. Third, he needs to find a way to hide his obvious dementia and then, maybe, you might have something.


Oh please Al, Obama was not God like you all think. You can credit him with ruining race relations in the U S. When he had an outbreak over 1000 people died before he did a thing, I think Trump has a ways to go before we hit 1000.


Jordan, it's true that Obama was not a God. It's also true that unlike Trump he was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth, moreover, Obama was not everything you republicans admire about Trump: a narcissist pathological liar, a sexual predator, a swindler, a racist, and demagogue who would hand over our country to communist despots like Putin. Jordan, everything in your post is false. The swine flu was first detected in the U.S. on April 15,2009. On April 22, there was 2 confirmed cases in the U.S. the CDC under Obama's administration started emergency operations. On April 25,2009, the World Health Organization declared a "Public health emergency". On April 26,2009 with 20 confirmed cases in the U.S., President Obama declared a "public health emergency" which allowed 12 million doses of flu fighting medications from the federal stockpile to be distributed to states. On April 28,2009 the CDC under Obama began shipping tests to detect the swine flu to 120 domestic and 250 international labratories in 140 countries. In contrast, Trump refused to admit that the corona virus emergency even existed. He preferred to make speeches that it was a political ploy by the Media and Democrats to hurt his election chances, serveral times Trump called Corona virus concerns a "HOAX." It's also unfortunate that Trump's budgets have always included cuts to the CDC and that in 2018 Trump did away with the Office of Pandemic Preparedness.


The democratic candidates are horrific. Their plans to blissfully plunge America backwards as one candidate tells us Fidel wasn't so bad. Taking guns away, opening borders, killing the unborn, making Americans dependent on the government. Now the Democrats are using a flu bug to destroy the country.


Republicans hate the United States government because it's purpose, according the the U.S. Constitution, is to "Provide/Promote the General Welfare " of it's citizens......all as a non profit government. If Russ and the republicans had their way, they would do away with the Veterans Administration,the G.I. Bill,Walter Reed Hospital for veterans because it makes sick, injured, wounded veterans dependent on the U.S. government. Republicans would also give take away from the elderly, the disabled, the poor families, government run programs Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and SNAP. All because Russ and republicans say it causes people to be dependent on the U.S. government. Ironically, republicans don't mind that they are totally dependent on our United States government protecting their behinds with the paid for by our taxes military services that fight wars for them so that they don't have to and can enjoy life in an American social society inside the borders and jurisdiction of the government they so much hate....the United States government. Moreover, we are now seeing the effects of republican ideology called "Starve the Beast" meaning "Starve the United States Government" where it is incapable of protecting it's citizens from wars, cyber attacks, pandemics, from wealthy tax cheaters, from white collar criminals, from illiteracy by "Starving"/ Defunding public school systems that educate our children.

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