In late 2018, during a visit to the Show Low VA Clinic, the federal policeman assigned to the clinic was sitting behind the staff where he could monitor health care conversations and personal computer screen information.

Thinking he was a Show Low officer I talked to Mayor Daryl Seymore who said “Tell him to get up and move out of hearing range.” During my next visit I followed the mayor's advice and the officers response was, “I’ll do it once but I’ll never do it again.” When I talked to the clinic manager about the clear violation of veterans' privacy rights and federal HIPPA law her explanation was “It tends to keep the vets in line” Besides she asked, “ How is it hurting you?”

Despite filing a formal complaint with Congressman O’Halleran and Senator McSally, who both assured me the officer would no longer be violating veterans' privacy rights, the officer continues to defy our elected representatives and federal law.

It is the veterans who fight for and defend everyone's rights and freedom. We sould not be treated like second class citizens when we visit the local VA clinic.

Brian D. Ottmer


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Freedoms Ultimate cost kills

I visit the VA monthly, and I have seen men get really mean and nasty with the people at the front desk. I am sure that due the increasing violence towards health care workers and mass shootings this officer is needed at the clinic.

Any computer I have ever seen at the va has a screen protector on were you can’t not see anything from more than 2 feet away.

What is said is there are vets that complain loudly about the care at the va, but I would venture to say that is a small minority.

Also, why does nt the paper do a story on the amount Vets not showing up to appointment at the clinic. No show by veterans hurt other vets ability to access care.

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