I loved the article by Robert Ward in the Friday, July 3, issue titled "Our sacred honor."

It reminded me of what our Founding Fathers had to endure to form this great nation. They lost their fortunes, their homes and families and many lost their lives.

In 1776, members of Congress were elected from amongst the common man. Yes, many of those elected were learned men such as lawyers, doctors and bankers, but many were farmers, preachers and carpenters. What they all had in common was an understanding that to serve in Congress was to represent their colony in the decisions that needed to be made. They also understood that to be in Congress was not a career, but a short span of time.

The article also made me ashamed and disgusted with our current Congress. Most Democrats and Republicans have no sacred honor. Many are career politicians that have been in Congress so long, they've become wealthy. And, many don't care about you, the common man, or what you want. They are not public servants, they are leeches. They are sucking the life out of our country.

Our Founding Fathers were honorable men. I can't say the same thing about today's Congress.

Linda Nadel


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