Coronavirus, what happens if, or more likely when, it hits Mexico? I have been reading articles about the spread of the coronavirus and the speculation of what would happen if it is detected in Mexico. With the lack of will from some in the government and the public, control of the southern border is weak.

Now if the virus is in Mexico, what are the chances that it would quickly make its way into California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas? Add to that the sanctuary cities and homelessness and questionable sanitary practices you would have a prescription for a disaster. All it would take is one sick person to cross the border and make their way to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland or maybe Seattle or any other city or town in the US.

Think about it.

John Ebert,


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The year of the greatest influenza pandemic was named the "Spanish Flue of 1918" 3-5% of the world population died. That would be 231-385 million in today's population. It originated in Kansas, not Spain. Borders on a continent, whether from south or north, will not stop a virus. Is the intent of the article to insight fear of Mexico? I hope not.


Maybe Mr. Ebert should lock himself in a bank vault. There is no discern of character with this virus sir. If there was, the CDC would know where to go even before there was a new outbreak. All it will take is someone, infected, to, say, come up from the valley to the mountain, and BOOM! I think scubagal, as I, sense a deeper message here sir.


By the way, as of today, there are no reported cases in Mexico, but 35 in the US as of today..


Obesity is a condition that increases the coronavirus chances of need for ICU care or death. China has a lower percentage of obese people. Italy has more and also is seeing a 7% death rate. A week ago Italy showed numbers of confirmed similar to the US. But we don't test. We could be a week away from a very bad situation.. see Tara Cluffs article and responses. You tube: Joe Rogan march 9, 2020 for an informative discussion.


Very true. The only reason it was called the Spanish flu was that Spain was the first country to report on it.

I have been in touch with a friend who is in the pharmaceutical industry. She tells me that Mexico's response is far more aggressive than ours, which is good. So, I admit that I was wrong on that count. But, it has been reported that the Border Patrol has arrested Chinese citizens at both the northern and southern borders. So I stand by my thoughts that the border should be closely monitored. If this gets into the homeless population it won't be a good thing that's for sure.


Mexico sucks


Russ, Do you still have that part-time job with Hallmark? You're still writing Mothers' Day and Valentines' Day cards for them?


John you should worry about the folks at your local Wal-mart who have the good old fashioned Flu more than scary Mexicans coming across the border with Corona virus. I would be more worried about them coming over with Corona beers, that stuff is nasty!


Russ is really, really mad that Trump didn't make Mexico pay for the Russ has to pay for it.


Already contributed, Al. Love that a chunk of my money has been well spent


Russ,Glad to see that your money is paying for the Fence. Mexico is also very happy that you are the one paying for the Trump fence (not a "Big Beautiful concrete wall as the pathological liar Trump promised you),especially a fence that costs billions$$$$$$$ of dollars to build and can be cut to pieces with a $99 Harbor Freight saw. Somebody once said," A fool and his money can easily be separated."

che guevara

Some 200 million years ago , it is widely believed that the first bipedal creatures appeared on planet Earth . Homo Sapiens subsequently evolved, and some 10,000 years ago initiated the first frameworks of what would come to be known as civilization , be it for better or worse . Somewhere along the line the human species made remarkable strides towards cultivating universal , although not always adhered to , values such as compassion , tolerance and equality , with a keen understanding that what happens to one individual or tribe can potentially happen to another . Russ is a classic example which illustrates that not all members of the species benefited from these sentient and intellectual advances of civilization and thought , and in many respects remained hopelessly mired in their primitive neanderthal ways of viewing themselves and the world around them .

All empires eventually succumb to the pressures of their own weight , whereby the laws of physics dictate that they must eventually fall . Russ and his ilk are the exact reason why we are racing faster than need be towards the precipice of oblivion . By so flippantly saying that a nation and a people " sucks " , Russ ignores the fact that he was lucky enough to have been born on the northern side of the border , and thus spared some of the horrors and hardships that many south of the border have had to endure . As regards the stereotypical ugly American , well , Russ is overqualified .

Great minds such as Albert Einstein understood that mankind's intellect would eventually be overshadowed and overtaken by the chronic brutality and ignorance inherent within enough members of the species ( especially many of those who aspire to political power ) . Thus he was an early advocate for global representative governance , as he understood that in the nuclear age which was unleashed in 1945 , this would be humanity's only chance of survival , as nation states had indeed run their course and proved to be an outdated and fatal concept . Walls and barbed wire fences only assure that our days will be even more drastically numbered , and folks like Russ are in favor of this hastened demise .

The Corona Virus , be it the result of factory farming techniques coupled with substandard sanitary practices , the Chinese propensity towards the consumption of bat soup , slithering cobras and other such delicacies ( yuk ), a clandestine biological weapon ( which I happen to believe that it is ) , or just simply the result of too many people will run it's course regardless of man's efforts to prevent it from doing so . National boundaries . national prejudices and walls are not going to in any way prevent the inevitable propagation of the affliction , nor even impede it for very long . One of the major differences between here and Mexico is that our crime cartels have an aura of respectability about them , as they tend to be well groomed , wear suits and neckties and speak with polished ivy league words while sitting in corporate and governmental boardrooms and brandishing fancy titles . In Mexico it is far less refined and more on a street level , thus more exposed to the public view . I have more fear of what resides coiled up and waiting to strike north of the border .

I do however agree with you johndoe , that cerveza Corona is nasty stuff ! I much prefer Pacifico or Modelo Negra .


The coronavirus has me scared. Why isn't the CDC and pharmaceutical companies busting their backsides to get a vaccine or an antiviral or both? The Spanish Flu pandemic was terrible. I fear coronavirus would be even worse.

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