When I was elected as Navajo County Attorney in 2008, I took an oath to serve our community and to uphold the law. Doing so has meant not only serving justice, but also working to promote public safety while being as cost-conscious as possible.

I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish, whether that means putting away career criminals, helping crime victims get back on their feet, or creating approaches to prosecution that help prevent recidivism among juveniles, veterans and people fighting addiction issues.

Unfortunately, much of the progress we’ve made is at risk today. Why?

Because Navajo County cannot continue to do more with less when it comes to public safety without serious consequences.

That’s why I am asking every registered voter to vote YES on Proposition 421.

This request is not about politics. This request is about keeping our residents safe and making sure that police and prosecutors have the resources we need to fight crime.

Already, we have had to close the County’s juvenile detention facility and cut our office’s Child Support Program. If Prop 421 fails, there will be more layoffs – including patrol deputies – and our prosecutors will see caseloads increase to triple figures.

If this happens, we may no longer be able to prosecute low-level felonies and many misdemeanors. 911 calls will take longer to answer, and crime may very well rise.

That is a recipe for crisis in our County.

Prop 421 represents a way to efficiently fund public safety – with committed resources designated by law to help 911 responses, jail operation and crime-fighting.

I am absolutely a YES vote on Proposition 421. I hope you will join me and do the same.

Brad Carlyon

Navajo County, Arizona

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Incarcerating people unnecessarily is a crime. People with addiction don’t need jail time unless they committed a crime while under the influence. Addiction is a sickness that needs to be addressed in treatment, not jail.

Democracy is stepping down and allowing new people to take office for a fresh perspective on change for the future. Do you know the difference between career criminals and people who make mistakes? I saw a career criminal get away with breaking the law while a person made a mistake was punished unjustly. How do you distinguish the two?

Jailing a person for a week simply because their dog got loose is wrong. Where is the crime with that? If the public is to follow the rules, perhaps our government should do the same.


You get caught smoking meth, you go to jail. Addiction has always been a choice and never a disease. What parameters are you using in classifying a person that "made a mistake" and a career criminal? Usually when a person breaks the law they get served a sentence according to the law. Please give some references to your claims.


I don't want govt to do more with less. I want govt to do less and get less.

Less govt is better govt.

What a radical extremist concept, huh?


LOB: I agree with you 100%.


Legalize all drugs for adults.


(1)Addiction is classified as a brain disorder by virtually every medical and scientific group in the country. (2) If you follow the mantra "less government is better government" to its logical end, you must conclude that the chaos, anarchy and nihilism of no government at all is the best goal.


No, Ronzim, less means less. Small govt. is what we need, not the sprawling, nonsensical mess that we currently have.


OK, County Attorney, do less. Do less prosecution of victimless drug offenses. Do less to keep low level, nonviolent County residents in jail pending trial. Let the poor out of jail pending a fair trial (and not just a plea to get out of jail). This is what the national movement is about - doing away with cash bail which discriminates against we the poor. Do less politicking and conniving how to turn laws to provide for jails in a district of the County into a scheme to run the whole County out of it. If you are the legal advisor to the County Supervisors that says they can convolute these laws into such a mess that we are going to run the whole County through a County wide Jail District Sales Tax, then do less legal advising! In fact, when you write it use less words including the ones that say that the use of the jail district sales tax is to run the “existing jail” for 20 years. Yes, County Attorney, do way less of what you are doing.


libertyminded: Two biscuits. The arrest-warrant/bail-bond system is far more pernicious than you can imagine. Not only does it result in pretrial incarceration of the poor for extended periods of time(sometimes even months or years), often for non-violent infractions, it has created a nationwide system of debtors' prison for that same group of people. This happens when a poor person misses a court date which results in a "failure-to-appear arrest warrant and at least one new crime of "failure-to-appear." When that person is arrested and put in jail, the court typically convicts of the new crime and imposes fines which the subject cannot pay.

When the court-ordered payment is not forthcoming, that person becomes the subject of a new warrant for failure- to- comply and another crime is added with heavy fines. Soon, a small initial fine balloons into thousands of dollars and the poor subject is no longer able to get out of jail at all. Eventually, the subject is forced into a plea agreement in order to get out of jail and must submit to a payment plan. Often the subject's family go without in order to meet these obligations, and other relatives and even friends are financially decimated trying to help. While this scandal does not meet the constitutional test for "debtors' prison", the effect is about the same.

This arises from the use of the term "willful" in failing to comply with court orders which is subject to individual mens rea determination by a judge, rather than statute, and that since this presents the potential for judges to incarcerate legitimately indigent individuals, it amounts to a de facto debtors' prison system.

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