Select a group of asylum seekers who can be easily identified as different using accent, customs, skin color, and language skill. If they seek asylum in the country, disregard the content of their request and loudly proclaim they are just using the system. Understaffed judges will lengthen the wait time for cases. Increase the number of arresting staff (ICE), this will maximize our flow of people into detention facilities. Eliminate funding programs in their homelands to provide increased financial burdens to get even more asylum seekers.

Conceal and develop extremely high priced internment camps that are staffed by low wage employees. Create these long term facilities so that you can charge for housing, food, medicine, education and security. Remove freedom and after 10-20 years you will have created a whole new class of people who will have an intense hatred of American values taught to them throughtout their upbringing, but denied to them personally. The hypocritical USA will be the center of their outrage and terrorist activities.

By delegating our arrests and keeping internment camps in Mexico they will have reduced their expenses, but not the profit. Under the guise of “National Security” the program can once again be hidden from the public eye and congressional view as it was in the begining.

If you’ve been blessed, build a bigger table not a bigger wall.

Why doesn’t America live up to its image of the Statue of Liberty? Process our asylum seekers in a timely manner based on our laws and not fear-filled opinions. Imagine if you were brought up seperated from your family without freedom, until you were deported at age 18. How would you feel about the USA?

Kenny Cail,


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Kenny: Excellent. Two biscuits.


It all costs money to do what you want and the Democrats will not allow funding simply because they hate Trump. The situation at the border has been a major problem for the last 20 years, why are we not blaming the former administrations who caused the problem? Why are we only pointing the finger at the guy who inherited the mess? Lindsey Graham has a very good solution but again the Demorats are ignoring it. They need the extra voters.

che guevara

Great editorial Kenny . Sadly , America has gradually morphed into the very things that it beheld at the end of the Second World war , complete with internment camps , the construction of an all - encompassing police / security state fueled by fervent warmongering and the incessant manufacturing of enemies . One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter . The fomenters of the American Revolution were viewed as being terrorists by the British Crown , and we will be celebrating their " treasonous " acts this coming week on July 4th when in 1776 , they declared that enough was enough and that humanity deserved a chance to elevate itself and improve it's lot on this forlorn planet . The horrors of this world have an inertia all their own which seem to potentiate themselves with the passage of time and events ( many of which are cleverly staged events ) . The rich get richer , the poor get poorer , wars rage non - stop and public apathy and anger continues to chip - away at our once sacred core values which at one time defined who we truly are . I do not see this as being a partisan issue , but rather a crisis of morality and collective conscience . America's disastrous foreign policy over the past several decades has created the refugee and immigration crisis that we are now confronted with , and must now deal with ( this applies to Europe's migrant crisis as well ) . The ruling elite have gotten exactly what they want as the plebes quarrel amongst themselves .


Whether it's incarcerating americans citizens for low level offenses in private prisons or putting immigrants and their children seeking a better life and to become part of america, inside private run concentrations camps at the border. It is all done for profits. Mandatory sentences provide private prison corporations with a steady stream of prisoners and profits. Trump creating an immigration crisis at the border ensures a steady supply of asylum seeking immigrants and their children to fill the concentration camps and makes for bigger profits for the corporations that run them.

che guevara

Correct ArizAl ! In fact , the granddaddy of all prison profiteers is a little known company called Serco , which is an appendage of the British Crown and which operates worldwide . Halliburton and KBR ( Kellogg , Brown and Root ) are also misery profiteers who have made a fortune from the carnage in the middle east and Asia minor , not to mention here in the good ol' USA by way of the construction of military bases and prisons . If you viewed the recent arrest video of the extraction of Julian Assange in London , from the Ecuadorian Embassy , you will clearly see that the name on the side of the paddy wagon into which Assange is shoved reads ; Serco . Interestingly enough , it is Serco who also runs Obamacare . I urge you to access the Serco website and do some digging , what you discover will surprise you .


Build That Wall! Keep up the good job Mr. Trump!


The hand of God has favored, guided and protected America for the reason that we took in his lost sheep. We should remember that.


There is no such thing as an 'internment' camp. Look it up.


What's wrong with this picture? Under the Trump republican adminstration asylum refugee families,(mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, babies) that love and want to be members of our american democracy are treated like dogs and thrown in cages, forced to live in horrific conditions, because they followed american law, turned themselves in to apply for an asylum hearing. They want to be part of our country. On the other side of the picture, we have the Trump administration cozing up to corrupt, murderous tyrants, dictators, and authoritarian leaders whose intent is to destroy our constitution, our country ,our democratic institutions,our free press and our way of life. Trump stated that he loved North Korea's Kim Jung Un. Apperantly, he loves him more than he loves the USA.


When should America say enough is enough? 20 million, 100 million, 300 million? We can't absorb millions of 3rd worlders into this country. Most are under-educated, low skilled workers. As the country becomes increasingly automated, what will they do? I don't think you bleeding hearts have really thought this through..


The reason there is a bottle neck at the border is that Trump will not spend any money to hire more immigration judges so that asylum seekers can be processed in a timely manner. Like private run prisons, the concentration camps housing the asylum seeking immigrants must be kept full to capacity in order to insure maximum profits. There is a reason that Trump took away foreign aid from Guatemala and Honduras. He wants to make life more difficult for those people in their own country, thereby causing them to migrate to the USA.


God blessed America because we took in his lost sheep.

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