We see our flag being burned, statues and monuments defaced and pulled down, all under the guise of peaceful protests. These same groups — marxist in my opinion — want to pull down America as well. These people want to remove or modify our history to fit “their vision.” Most of the rioters don’t have a clue about American history or the monuments they are destroying. They are minions of the communist leaders and their goal is to create chaos.

Our children are being programmed. Within our current education system, textbooks and curriculum have been nuanced, modified, even relevant historical facts deleted to fit the marxist narrative. I base this on much personal research and I possess a teacher’s copy of the current California 7th grade Medieval History textbook which includes an extensive and troubling depiction of Islam as a “peaceful religion” (3.5 chapters) and only a short paragraph on Christianity. Although you will likely be discouraged as parents to take a careful look at your own child’s curriculum, it is extremely important to do so with an attitude of critical thinking and discernment. Do this for all ages—K-12 through college. All Americans should learn ALL of our history—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Do you know if we are a Democracy or a Republic? What is the difference?

DEMOCRACY: Traditional definition is “Majority rules!”

REPUBLIC: A state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.

It is also important to understand the difference between Freedom and Liberty.

FREEDOM: The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

LIBERTY: The right of the citizen to be free in the enjoyment of all his faculties; to be free to use them in all lawful endeavors.

Freedom is the traditional definition of a Democracy. But the United States is a REPUBLIC, which allows us liberty—”freedom within the LAW.”

The United States Declaration of Independence is divided into three parts.

1. WHY the colonies declared their separation from England. Read it! Very enlightening.

2. List of grievances. There are 29. Read them and correlate them with some of our current issues. Very interesting that the most quoted grievance today is “Taxation without Representation” (imposed taxes on us without our consent), The Boston Tea Party, which is #17 and the shortest listed grievance of the 29!

3. The Colonies’ demand for freedom from England due to no redress of their grievances. Fifty-seven signatures represented the thirteen states.

In my next commentary I will focus on our Constitution. Please read it to refresh your understanding of the context of how “We The People” formed our country. It is critical to be aware that there is a current overt attempt to dissolve our Constitution.

Jim Tapscott,

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che guevara

Mr, Tapscott ; Be careful what you wish for , as the etymology of the word Democracy derives from the Greek words of Demos = Mob ; Cracy = Rule . Therefore , Demos - Cracy / Democracy is in truth Mob Rule . We are at this time , seeing outrageous examples of Mob Rule aka Democracy occurring in such places as Portland , Oregon ; Seattle , Washington ; Baltimore , Maryland and NYC ..... and soon coming to a neighborhood near you if the madness continues . ANTIFA , BLM and so on and so forth , are the tools / fools being used by the forces which have been insidiously and incrementally demoralizing and destroying America , beneath the clever guise of social and racial equality .

If you truly wish to unravel and understand the entire scope and depth of what has happened to America , then I strongly recommend that you read the writings of the late Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn . His description of the brutality of the Leninist - Stalinist era in Russia , combined with his references to Russian history and the origins of Bolshevism and Menshevism will show that the exact same playbook has been in use in the taking down of America , and by the exact same political and financial entities who created Communism in the first place .

Your references to the pathetic state of America's public education system can not be overstated . History has , and is presently in the process of being rewritten , with a deliberate and doggedly determined socio - political agenda in mind . This same rewriting of history and stupefying of minds is exactly what the Leninist - Stalinist agenda relied upon in order to capture young minds and diffuse potential future threats to the political order . Moreover , the deliberate instigation of civil strife by way of promoting warfare among the plebes was also taken directly from the Bolshevik playbook , as the peasantry was told by the party that their misery was not only the result of the Tsarist empire , but also the result of Kulak ( prosperous farmer ) privilege , which was aimed at causing society to split apart , thus ensuring that the ruling party would be enthroned unquestionably . Look at America today ; the concept of white privilege has been diabolically engineered to be in direct conflict with black lives matter , thereby setting the stage for chaos ----- and we all know that the out of wide - spread chaos comes brutal order . Thesis vs Antithesis = Synthesis , much the same as how alternating current electricity works , whereby you have both negative and positive charges pulsing through a wire in a sine wave ; perpetually attracting opposite charges , and perpetually repulsing like charges , when in tandem the two dynamics create electrical potential and the energy perpetuates . So it is with all political systems of control .

As an interesting side note ; Today in Russia , High School students are required to read and study one of Solzhenitsyn's best works titled ; The Gulag Archipelago , where he writes of his experiences as a forced labor prisoner in the Siberian camps during the Stalinist era , often in an allegorical fashion , as well as with references to actual fellow prisoners . This monumental work ( for which he won a Nobel Prize ) , in all of it's three parts , is approximately 2100 pages packed with emotion and real life drama , and the intensity is overwhelming . I wonder how many , if any , American High School students have ever read 2100 pages of anything ( or even their teachers for that matter ) . The students in Russia are being educated as to the despotic nature of their Bolshevik past , whereas their American counterparts are being indoctrinated in the exact opposite direction into perdition .


I am very much aware of the difference between a democracy and a Republic, which is what the United States is! I do not wish for a democracy I want us to reclaim our republic as it was intended to be!


I am sure you MUST KNOW who Che G. Was! Any comments for you using that as your moniker?


The United States Constitution, otherwise known as the "Law of the Land," states in Article III, Section 3: "Treason against the United States , shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort." The leaders of the Confederate States of America (the South) seceded from the union and levyed war on the United States of America. That is the constitutional definition of TREASON. When Trump and his republican party extremists object to the taking down of Confederate statues,flags and monuments, they are idolizing traitors, promoting treason and defending the treasonous actions of those that have waged war on the United States of America. The Confederate States fought a war against the United States in order to keep the practice of enslaving other human beings of African decent. So what does the Declaration of Independence say about that? " "We hold these truths to be self-evident, THAT ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL, THAT THEY ARE ENDOWED BY THEIR CREATOR WITH CERTAIN UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, THAT AMONG THESE ARE LIFE, LIBERTY, AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS." That means all Americans regardless of race, religion, or ethnic background. In conclusion, it is a perfectly reasonable assumption that those republicans like Trump and his extremists followers are promoting the acceptance of treason and show no real belief in the Declaration of Independence. "Patriotism" means to stand and love your country, it does not mean to stand with those that levied war on your country, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independence.


Often the terms democracy and republic are used interchangeably, they are not synonymous. Both systems delegate the power to govern to their elected representatives. In a republic, however, these officials are expected to act on their own best judgement of the needs and interests of the country. The officals in a democracy more generally and directly reflect the known and ascertained views of of their constituents, sometimes subordinating their own views.


So we all can see where Arizal moral,ethics and mind are at. Why do you hate America, why do you hate the law and police and military? why are you a traitor? I'll vouch for Mr Tapscott and where his heart and convictions lie. He love this country and worked his hand to the bones to be sucessful. Much unlike todays whiners who want nothing but handouts and entitlements. Whats next for you Trader Al, dreadlocks to honor the Rastafarians or perhaps a name change to Muhammad and a Ghutrah?


When you can't respond to anything about the Constitution,freedom,liberty,Rights, the ignorant start juevenile attacks on people. So sad.


When Congress met to write the Declaration of Independence there was a battle both moral and spiritual going on in that convention in Philadelphia. And 1776 It took several months to come up with the Declaration of Independence and during that time the slave States held the leverage to force Jefferson and Adam's to remove the comment that they made about slavery. They manipulated the system so that it was add to be 100% or the declaration would not be approved. So they made a bed compromise and took that 168 words out of the decoration. We paid for it in 1864 with 600 pl

Thousand + lives lost. When the constitution was written,, another compromise was made as blacks (slaves) were counted as 3/5 of a person, to prevent the slave states (Democrat's) from dominats dominating the house. Hmm, we seem to have a similar problem now!


Ah yes, Al and the rest of the liberals wish the constitution was "evolving". Not so, sorry...


Thank you Russ for demonstrating to us the humongous republican ignorance of the Constitution. The constitution evolves every time it is amended as per Article V. So far it has evolved 27 times. The constitution also is written so as to allow our country to evolve. Try reading and understanding the Preamble of the constitution and Article I. Section 8, clause 18 the "Necessary and Proper Clause". There's more examples of how the constitution evolves, but we don't want to overload your republican brain.


Whats the point of referring to the Constitution when your party wants to burn it along with our flag? Hang it up Al, were not impressed by your babble. I could recite the constitution bub, you can cut and paste it all day so whats your point? So no, I didn't recite any of the Constitution, and you didn't answer why you hate law enforcement people,the military and working people who dont want hand outs.


Conchodian, A third grader can recite the constitution. For you being able to recite the constitution, however difficult it may be for you, does not make you a constitutional jurisprudent.


Conchodian: Any examples of those handouts?

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