Despite pleas, cell tower installed

To paraphrase staff writer, Connie Lane’s article, dated Tuesday, July 6, entitled ‘Newer Better Cell Coverage in Show Low and Greer:’ “Motorists (entering the city of Show Low via the 260 Highway will notice) a new tree in town . . . .”

This monopine cell tower is the one that the majority of the people living in the Fairway Park neighborhood of Show Low did not want placed there (please see former staff writer Laura Singleton’s article, dated Tuesday, November 24, 2020, entitled ‘Cell Tower Permit Approved After Fourth Meeting.’)

Not once did staff from the Timber Mesa Fire and Medical District attend a single council nor planning and zoning meeting to present their case for an additional cell tower, nor to listen to the concerns of the Fairway Park residents.

Despite the presentation of official signatures submitted, letters sent, phone calls made, concerns about health risks, aesthetics, decreasing property values, and despite the fact that alternate sites were suggested, the Fairway Park neighbors, during the meeting of Nov. 17, 2020, were asked by one member of the City Council, “What if my son wanted to move into your neighborhood and start an online business from his home?”

Apparently, a hypothetical situation persuaded the Show Low City Council to vote to approve the installation of the cell tower there. Quoting from Star Trek, “The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.” — Captain James T. Kirk

Lynnette Behar,

Show Low

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I wish the new cell tower was built as it is difficult to live with a single bar while attempting to make Dr appointments etc. Not sure what the hold up is but come on build it.


I think most everyone would agree increased communication coverage (cellular towers, broadband internet, etc) is a positive. This tower will clearly improve communication within the immediate area, which was sorely needed. Stop trying to impede progress, you selfish individual.

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