Sylvia Allen was elected to make decisions so she can represent the best interests of us voters in my northern Arizona district. Yet on the AZ Senate floor this past Friday May 8th, she made a total fool of herself and our rural district. She descended into crackpot buffoonery that was, even for her, a new low. Acting like a spoiled school child, she said there should be a "third button for Neutral" because she couldn't decide Yes or No. She said she couldn't decide whether to keep the legislature open until she finished her claptrap. Her humor was completely disrespectful and inappropriate. Arizonans all over the state have lost their jobs, their businesses, their lives. Yet Sylvia Allen thinks the whole legislature-closure problem is funny. Where do we get these entitled politicians who are so out of touch with us working folks? Obviously, it's too much to ask for Sylvia Allen to do her JOB. As we say in the first responder/dispatcher world, Sylvia Allen is a complete "disgrace to the uniform".

Irene Grimm,


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Well, Irene, you have made a judgment concerning the U.S. congress which is not true. Where did you get the idea that Allen was elected to “* * *represent the best interests of us voters in my northern Arizona district.”? I remind you that the Congress is the congress of the United States of America and its members are elected to legislate in the best interest of the entire nation, not just the district or state from which they were elected. If you seek representation for your district, look to your county board or similar jurisdiction. Your attitude is one of the major causes of pork-barrel legislation and corrupt congress members who seek both funding and projects for their sates or districts in order to court the voters therein and help their re-election prospects.


Ron, all due respect, but Irene is talking about the State legislature not the US Congress. That said, your comment on pork-barrel legislation is duly noted.


On the post written by IRENE, I liked this statement tActing like a spoiled school child, she said there should be a "third button for Neutral" because she couldn't decide Yes or No I have been at NCRC meetings when she does fake crying to get people on her side .... We need a leader , not a wimp..


Irene Grimm-As a US Army veteran, I agree with you completely, that Sylvia Allen is a Disgrace to the Uniform; in the US Army she would immediately have been subject to a court martial and been issued a Bad Conduct Discharge! Thank you for a well written article. Sincerely-Eric Frizzell

Debra Gibson

This problem is easily remedied. Vote her out. Vote for Lt Col (retired) Felicia French who is currently using her skills as a medevac nurse in Tuba City as a volunteer to help out a in their hospital. In other words Felicia actually cares about people.

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