To: President Biden, John Kerry, The Squad, Tom O'Halleren, et al:

You want trillions of ours (and our children's) tax dollars to stop climate change.

Change starts at home!

Here in northeastern Arizona, federal employees have done more damage to the environment in one day than us peons can do in a lifetime. Yes, US Forestry Service employees are in your house. They set ablaze the peoples land. They will tell us that it was undergrowth and/or slash piles.

If you can "safely" get in to create and burn these piles/land, then commercial loggers, aAlternative energy contractors, and/or the general public can also get in there to harvest the wood. Ashes are good for no one. And it has been almost three months since we have received any significant rain.

How much did it cost the taxpayers to send out these arsonists? You want trillions to stop climate change? Start in your own house, not my backyard.

How much CO2 did your human caused fire put into the atmosphere? How many carbon absorbing/transforming plants and trees did you destroy? No more telling us we need to stop eating meat, change our driving habits, change our lifestyle when you, the federal government, doesn't have to follow the same rules!!! Why are you exempt from the same laws every private citizen has to obey?

George Patten,



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What laws were broken? Northern Arizona has 3 years commercial logging permits. The 4FRI negotiations stopped because the logging companies wanted a guaranteed government handout if they couldn't make a big enough profit.


None of this goes beyond opinion and bias. Prescribed fire is a cost-effective and ecologically sound tool for forest, range, and wetland management. Its use reduces the potential for destructive wildfires and maintains long-term air quality. Also, the practice removes logging residues, controls insects and disease, improves wildlife habitat and forage production, increases water yield, maintains natural succession of plant communities, and reduces the need for pesticides and herbicide. Smoke is the only downside and it is far less then the megafires prevented by prescribed burns.

A recent study concluded wildfire smoke contains three times as much pollution as smoke from prescribed fires. When Australia had a massive gigafire in 2020, NASA said the smoke produced by that inferno traveled at least one full circuit around the globe. Moreover, post treatment wildfire reduction is between 80-96%, Anderson and Brown (1987). Another study found 98% post treatment reduction in average fireline intensity, allowing fires to be fought by hand tools. Likewise, a European analysis showed 80-96% reductions (Fernandez et al, 2000).

Biden’s bill includes $555B, not trillions, for climate issues. There are tax credits for companies and consumers that will make it easier to buy electric vehicles, install solar panels, retrofit buildings and manufacture wind turbines and other clean-energy equipment in the United States. Finally, it is not possible for the government to refuse to obey the same rules as everyone else. “Government” is a mythical entity which identifies a type of societal organization. It is merely a term and terms neither obey nor break rules. Only persons can do that. In that regard, since the rules apply to everyone, those persons serving in the government are bound by them.

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