Doctor Jarrin has issued a call for various state and Congressional representatives to resign because they believe election fraud has occurred. Dr. Jarrin’s reasoning is that if election fraud occurred, the election is illegitimate and therefore these representatives are not legally in office. This argument is disingenuous as the claims of election fraud have focused on the Presidential race, not the legislative races. Dr. Jarrin is merely trying to delegitimize the representatives in an attempt to delegitimize their election fraud argument.

Dr. Jarrin claims that Governor Doug Ducey and Secretary of State Katie Hobbs have already “debunked” the election fraud claims. Dr. Jarrin quotes tweets and interviews by the both officials to back up his claims. However, Governor Ducey and Secretary of State Hobbs certified the election in the middle of a legislative hearing that was producing evidence of fraud. A group called We the People AZ Alliance held a press conference in Phoenix at the State Capital on Dec. 30, (which was ignored by the media) in which they produced evidence of fraud. The group had conducted door to door canvassing of addresses and found 30% of the votes from those addresses were fraudulent. This could mean that between 140,000 to 400,000 votes in Arizona might be fraudulent.

Ignoring the evidence is not “debunking” it. Refusing to conduct investigations into reasonable allegations of fraud is not “debunking” those allegations, it is ignoring them. The question must be asked, why are some officials working so hard to ignore claims of fraud? Could it be they have profited from the fraud and that is why they do not want investigations?

Doug Dodge,


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There is an official in Texas that offered $1,000,000 for proof of fraud. If you have such proof, why are you not claiming that money? Court cases are dependent on evidence. If you have proof of fraud, why have you not provided that proof to the legal personnel on the 60 plus cases that have been thrown out because there was no evidence of fraud. From the US AG to the US intelligence agencies to the election officials in every state have all stated there was no fraud. Interesting isn't it?

Horse Rider

There is a saying that two people can keep a secret only if one of them is dead. The level of election fraud claimed by some would require the cooperation of thousands of dishonest election workers. It's beyond belief that absolutely no one would leak the story.


The courts have not ignored evidence of voter fraud. Quite the contrary, the courts have asked for evidence of voter fraud and the Trump lawyers did not produced any. In fact in the Maricopa county case, Trump lawyers said there was no voter fraud. So what's the purpose of bringing of filing over 60 court cases of voter fraud with different states and different judges and different jurisdictions and getting them all thrown out for lack of evidence? Publicity and raising money from fools.


3G, Gosar's Gotta Go. Gosar's Gotta Go. Seditionist. Traitor.


Gosar...isn't he the one that went to join the Bundys in their armed stand off against United States government officials?

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