I was surprised and angry to see a letter posted on the doors of a cafe this evening. In essence they are stating “don’t blame us if you have to wait to be served, it’s because the help would rather collect unemployment than work, so we can’t serve you promptly.” I took a picture of it.

Isn’t this some kind of slander towards every server/kitchen help who is no longer working there?

Besides many basic reasons why a person chooses not to return to a restaurant service job, there may be a particular reason they are not returning to work at this restaurant. When COVID-19 hit and all our restaurants suffered, some owners cut off their workers with no compensation, no continuing health insurance (if they even supplied any) and no notice. Yes it was tough times for all. Did they really believe people would be flocking back for sub-minimum wages and no safety nets?

Some people have gone back to school in order to be hired for a job with benefits and a wage they can live on. They never want to be so powerless and desperate again. COVID-19 unemployment has kept a roof overhead, food for their family and health insurance.

Such a hateful and judgemental message this posted

letter exemplifies. Such blaming! We all have suffered through COVID-19, not just your business. Everyone has made the best of their situation. Your cafe can feel now what it is like to be powerless! When Arizona COVID-19 unemployment ends, I guarantee you still won’t be getting back the best. They are moving on to where they can be appreciated, be paid a far better wage, and not be slandered or shamed by your business.

Patty VanMarche

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Thank you for your thoughtful,accurate and informative letter Patty. However, there needs to be pointed out that the sign posted by the cafe owners mirrors the hypocritical talking points of the conservative right wing republican party. "don’t blame us if you have to wait to be served, it’s because the help would rather collect unemployment than work, so we can’t serve you promptly.” Hypocritical, because the American Rescue Plan Act allocated $10 Billion taxpayer dollars to help small business owners get back on their feet. Not a peep was heard from the conservatives (R) about how long business are taking to fully recover from the Covid-19 crisis. Everybody wishes every business do well, but we all understand that not all businesses will fully recover by the same time. This brings up the question of why are some business owners taking conservative (R) talking points to degrade working people for being on unemployment, since working people also were hit hard by the Covid Crisis and many continue struggling everyday to do what is best for their economic security and their health as well as that of their families? I believe it's time that conservative (R) business owners realize that workers are an essential part of running a successful business and should be treated with the same respect that they themselves expect from others.


I totally agree. Restaurant work is very hard and people can be so hateful because, let's face it, if you act badly at the restaurant nobody will say anything. The restaurant wants your business and the server needs that tip.


My wife applied at that cafe and never got a call back.


[thumbdown] This REALLY sucks! The management has a real rottejn attitude, all right. I'd eat somewhere else.


I would LOVE to know which restaurant is silly enough to post such a terrible comment. No one takes into consideration that restaurant workers are severely underpaid, work for no medical benefits and have to take a lot of nonsense from customers such as the ones who would have such an awful and judgmental opinion of others. Not to mention that, for a lot of families, their safety nets with regard to child care have been ripped away. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, the very people many count on for help, were taken by Covid. Everytime I hear one of the local conservatives voice the "they're to lazy to work" comment, I just want to scream. The events of this past weekend involving the bicycle riders should demonstrate just how mean and crazy people have gotten. I don't know what the answer for that is, but I know not having a President who promotes it helps. That is just my opinion. Take it or trash it. No worries.

che guevara

It appears as though the owner of that cafe must have been a real peach to work for , as evidenced by the derisive tune of that sign on their door . This entire COVID episode has forced many people to reevaluate their lives and to reassess their priorities , which in my opinion is indeed a good thing . Moreover , I believe that we are witnessing a gradual shift in the societal structure , whereby many have discovered that servitude in low - level employment is a hopeless endeavor and a zero sum game . Many are seeking alternatives by way of seeking advanced training with the time available , or perhaps some are figuring on playing the system and keeping their medicare / AHCCCS , as the benefit they now qualify for is one of the only safety nets they have , and one which they can ill afford to now lose .

I might parallel what is presently occurring to the sort of societal shift which took place in the aftermath of the Black Plague in 13th century Europe , whereby overt slavery and hopeless servitude was no longer as viable for the ruling elite due primarily to the loss of approximately one - third of the population , both poor and wealthy . The resulting labor shortages meant that those who toiled for their feudal overlords needed to be viewed more as human beings as opposed to just slaves . This societal shift provided the catalyst for the Renaissance and the end of the Dark Ages . Germs can do progressive things for humanity under the right set of circumstances . Slavery however was never really abolished , but rather has simply taken on a softer and craftier form and afforded the enslaved some latitude , such as the freedom to quit , or in this case to just not return , without fear of reprisals such as flogging , branding , or having an iron collar affixed around one's neck to identify them as a runaway . It's going to be interesting to see how all of this plays itself out in the next couple of years .


It is well past time when we should all use more accurate terms to describe the political reality extant in today’s environment. The precepts of the Grande Olde Party, have descended from Burke through Buckley to Pat Roberts and Mat Drudge and, finally, to the Carlson bog, beyond the looking glass.

Abrose Pierce defined a conservative as, “a statesman who is enamored of existing evils, as distinguished from the Liberal, who wishes to replace them with others.” Conservatives reject the optimistic (Liberal) view that human beings can be improved through political and social change, which explains the attraction for Christians who face original sin and human evil under all political regimes. They like home schooling by which they create even more people who reject evolution. Because we are inherently evil, we cannot be allowed to implement the radical notion that governments should govern with the consent of the governed. This has profound portent for all of us.

The result of the rending of conservatism for base purposes is that the Republican party of old is now a rump party of traditional conservatives while the majority, say 80-85%, have abandoned Conservative Republicanism for White Nationalist Republicanism which flies the false banner of the former and has precepts adopted from the most fetid autocracies. We should be careful then to differentiate the Conservative Republicans from the White Nationalist Republicans in all speech, writing and communication; else, we tar the few remaining honorable republicans with the unflattering brush of the new White Nationalist Republican Party (WNP) and thereby lose any opportunity to gain their support in the now desperate struggle to salvage the nation.

“In our civilization, and under our republican form of government, intelligence is so highly honored that it is rewarded by exemption from the cares of office.” Unknown.

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