This may sound crazy. In fact it is a little crazy, but consider hearing it out before rejecting it, because one day, and for a whole variety of reasons, you may be glad you did.

It has to do with voting against party lines, which is something most of us seldom if ever do. Before you reject this bizarre idea just realize that we don’t know which party line we’re talking about here, do we? So kindly consider this: Your friends and family know you, and will assume that you voted a certain way, and that you voted for certain people. They’ll never even think about asking you who you voted for because they already know, right? It’s easy. And think about it, you’ll never even have to lie. So put yourself in a place that you’ll be proud of some day. No regrets.

Wayne Pearce,

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Agreed Wayne, I never vote for a party but always vote for the person. It matters very little to me if they have a D an R or an I next to their name. What matters are their actions and what policy they will use to fuel future actions. A huge problem with our government is too may people vote party lines and name recognition and never do their research.


Good points by John and Wayne, however let's not discount the fact that most politicians adhere to the governing philosophy of either Dems or Reps and yes, they are different. The governing philosophy of the Republican party is also called the "Trickle Down Theory" which entails spreading the wealth (tax revenues) to make the rich aristocrats more rich and they will create more jobs which will trickle down to the workers. The problem with the Republican philosphy has been that the rich aristcrats have taken those american tax revenues to other cheap labor foreign countries or to use on stock buybacks, which neither creates jobs for americans. By contrast, the Democrat's governing philosophy is refered to as the "Trickle Up Theory" which entails spreading the wealth (tax revenues) on poor and middle class Americans, whereupon they will spend it on small business which in turn will order products from distributors and manufacturers. In the Trickle up Theory It is the millions of middle class and poor americans that create the "demand" in the supply and demand chain. Thus, the question that should be asked is: who spends more money in this local area's small businesses? Is it billionaire Republican Kochs or billionaire Democrat George Soros or is it the tens of thousands of our local middle class and poor american families?

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