The City of Show Low has put off for years keeping the drainage system up to date and clear of stuff that causes problems with heavy rains, the recent storm in late July is proof of the neglect.

1. The system around the Show Low High School failed and they got flooded and suffered a lot of damage which showed the drainage system around the school is in-adequate and many other areas in the city also failed.

2. I have met with the Mayor and City Manager about a number of issues and drainage problems was one, the city has over 2000 work orders to clean and fix the drainage problems and this is the only way anything gets done is, if property owners call and complain but the problem is the city doesn’t have any employees working on this issue full time, which means the work force is to small to handle all the duties they are responsible for and with the city growing its going to get worse, more new roads and buildings change the water flow in each neighborhood.

The city has a chance to make changes now that the next six months are to be warmer and dryer, according to the weather experts. A big storm could and will happen again so they need to hire an engineer that deals in water flow or hire a firm to come in and produce a plan for our neighborhoods but odds are they won’t.

One other problem is the city does not have a computer program to track when they clean anyone’s drainage ditches, and from information gained from y meeting and writing letters to the Mayor and City Manager they are not going to put a computer program in place, so it may be years before they get around to clean the large list of work orders.

Robert Struck,

Show Low

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They city drainage is a long way from the school building that was flooded. In fact, the building is down slope from a school parking lot and at the bottom of a little hill. Just because a building flooded doesn't mean that the city is at fault. Both the school and homeowners must also do their part to protect from these rare heavy storms.

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