DUI harassment

Going back to DUI, I was harassed by one cop up there multiple times and now he’s fired but also Williams gave me my DUI sitting in the parking lot my next DUI was in the parking lot and my third DUI was at my own house.

I got harassed by Show Low PD so many times and yes they need to quit setting and harassing people like they do. The best cop that she’ll ever had was officer Reed, I wish she is still around and show these young punks up there what is right and what is wrong and yes they will harass you all the time. I go to town and somebody else’s vehicle they see me and they pull me over.

Robert Allsop,



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Grammar much? Sounds like SLPD got a dangerous and drunk driver off of our roads eliminating danger to other drivers, pedestrians and PEOPLE ON BIKES! Get a life.

Taryn J. White

DUI laws get stricter every year. It's not a surprise so many people still get arrested and have to fightDUIcharges in court today. Hopefully at least with ride share options available, the number of DUI injuries and fatalities will go down.


Well, Robert, I guess you should stay in Mesa and call Uber when you have had too much to drink. DUI is no laughing matter, just ask the families who have lost family members and/or friends to drunk drivers. If you plan on going out drinking and have not planned on a designated driver to get your liquored up behind home, you should stay home.


I think I am relieved that the cops are keeping an eye on a know drunk driver, jmo

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