I can at least agree with frequent letter writer Dr. Jarrin on one thing. We may be facing the end of American democracy as we know it although it won't be for the reasons he thinks.

Joe Biden campaigned as a "moderate" Democrat and promised to be the great unifier of a country divided by Donald Trump (his words). His rallying cry got traction as Trump's rhetoric had divided his own party and alienated Independents that put Biden over the top. Now those Independents are giving the president a 37% approval rating according to the last Gallup poll as his administration seems to be rudderless and captained by a weakling.

Biden immediately submitted to the socialist agenda within his party with executive orders, policies, and the "Build Back Better" legislation he now supports. Since his cabinet and staff choices are based on identity politics rather than merit, virtually every major decision his Administration has made is a verifiable disaster from our loss of energy independence to the handling of Afghanistan, from the border policies to the economy. Vice President Harris seems to be under house arrest because her public appearances ruin her own political ambitions and embarrass the Administration.

All this and more yet we haven't gotten through a year of this travesty. This is not what Independents voted for and they have been duped. By the time the 2024 election rolls around it may only be by divine intervention that American democracy is still intact.

Mark Griego,



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I refuse to participate in these useless battles any longer. We have all been lied to and manipulated in some way and ended up with this ugly mess. It's time to get together and figure this out as a community that still knows how to love.


Harry Truman once said, “Socialism is a scare word they [Conservatives] have hurled at every advance the people have made. Socialism is what they called public power, social security, deposit insurance, and independent labor organizations. Socialism is their name for anything that helps all people.”

In case you missed it, we've had socialism for quite some time now - but not the type you're going on about. The socialism we have now is for the nation’s top corporate executives and biggest investors. It’s socialism for the powerful and privileged who continue to siphon off a large (and growing) portion of the nation’s economic gains while leaving most Americans with little. And middle-class taxpayers have had to pay for it. They had to pay to bail out the big banks during the financial crisis. They bailed out big corporations during the pandemic. And they’re spending tens of billions each year subsidizing the oil and gas industry, Wall Street, and Big Pharma.

It's easy to understand why you’re so eager to fool Americans into believing they’re going to be hurt by the measures Democrats are proposing. You want to protect the current system of socialism for the rich and crushing capitalism for everyone else because you've been sold on the fallacy that it’s so comfortable for you and your fellow Republicans. But you've been duped.


Mr. Griego, It is truly unfortunate that so few people in this country have even the most rudimentary understanding of political philosophy. The Democrats and Republicans and their corporate bosses have gone to extraordinary lengths to keep our citizenry in the dark, and it has worked all too well. On a world-wide scale, there is scarcely a hint of difference between the two parties of capital in the US. In all of Europe, the Democrats would be considered a right-wing party; the present GOP a Fascist party. If you have problems with Socialism, fine, but if you think Biden would ever suggest anything approaching Socialism, you haven't a clue what Socialism is. It is your right to say what you believe, but it should be your responsibility to know at least a little about what you are saying.


19JKS49 good input and you say it so well with no big dish of sarcasm. Thank you

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