It is unfortunate that the masses, down in the valley, do not abide to the Stay at home policy. It should be known that the Valley media, with their "Beat the heat and go to the White Mountains," are further endangering and taking from our permanent residents what little resources that we are afforded at this time, such as food, paper products and many other things. Phoenix, Tucson and other large city media outlets should quit sending people to our towns and should encourage them to stay at home. We understand the economy, but for the present, what is more important? Opening restaurants and other facilities too soon? Is it worth even one life? Is it worth chancing more virus victims here? We am not unsympathetic with our businesses, but what is more important than trying to control the virus in our small town?

Larry and Lillian Gonzales,


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Open AZ


We own a house here, as well as in Tucson. We pay property taxes, as well as sales tax. We have stayed out of all businesses where our presence might spread the virus, or catch it. 50 years of loving the White Mountains and contrbuting to the local economy while truly trying to live as "Mountain Folk" now means nothing? We welcome winter visitors to Tucson every year, because it's a free country where everyone can come and go as they please. Ame against the world seems somewhat small minded, especially when we have evermost in our minds your well being, the same as our own. We are all in this together. PS - we brought all our own paper goods and many other supplies from Tucson, with not burdening the local community with additional shortages.


Larry & Elizabeth: Right you are. Last weekend, Lake Havasu was opened and was filled to capacity for the entire weekend. It is a statistical certainty that some of these visitors will spread the virus among themselves and into their communities as well.


Blow the bridges sooner rather than later!


Phoenix and Tucson, Stay Home - Do not come here!


Nope. Sorry, but you two are looking at this the wrong way. If you're compromised and need to protect yourselves, then you have my sympathy and best wishes. To expect the rest of the world to destroy their businesses and livelihoods to protect you is not the answer.

P A M @ ShowLowAZ

While I love my summer neighbors, I prefer that when the Governor says “Stay Home, Stay Safe” that YOU do so. I feel for, you have a home up here and want to use it. Okay, so how about you come up, and stay up. Do NOT come up, for a few days, go back down and return with a fresh hitchhiker of COVID-19.

While up here, how about you practice “Social Distancing”? You’ll get your welcome hugs and kisses when this mess clears up. We love you, but do NOT want to be sick with you, or FROM you.

Okay? Now make up you mind. Stay with us or do not come.

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