According to legend, a man presented the King with a chessboard. In return, the king offered a to grant a wish. “I am only asking for one grain of rice on the first square of the chessboard, two grains on the second, four grains on the third etc.” The king quickly agreed. What the King did not understand is that exponential growth required over a million grains by the time they were on the 21st square, then a trillion on the 41st square. To the King’s dismay, a chessboard has 64 squares!

That same situation applies to COVID-19, climate change and many other problems. Every problem moves from one square to the next at a different rate. For example, COVID-19 is rapidly moving from square to square, doubling about every 3 to 4 days. The problem quickly gets unmanageable and every day counts. With climate change, the problem moves from one square to another much more slowly. The problem is it has been jumping from square to square since 1880! Just like with the chessboard, the problem gets much worse much more quickly the further along the chessboard we are.

The king made a quick decision without understanding impact of exponential growth. It was a very poor decision. We need our leaders to make better decisions based on science and understanding exponential growth. The more we can slow down how fast the problem jumps from one square to the next, the better chance we have to find cures and remedies and control. Right now that means social distancing and isolation for the COVID-19 problem. It means passing HR763 for climate change.

Evan Wise,


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Evan: Excellent![thumbup][thumbup][rolleyes][tongue][beam]


Here, here...


Man made climate change is proven to be junk science. All about taxing and control.




does $75 million for the National Endowment for the Arts count? Can you use some of that? or do you libs need another few billion to spend on the hoax of human caused climate change as well?


Russ, You're showing your intelligence again. NEA has bipartisan support, and your god's wife, Melania, is on the board of trustees of the Kennedy Center.


What intelligence???[huh]




Went shopping today at The Inbred Cousins Bakery and found some interesting items on the shelves:

1. Fruit Cake Rusierie which contains a dandy assortment of truly fruity ingredients, heavy nuttiness and an eyes-glazed topping.

2. Double Dutch Chocolate Cow Pie, redolent with the fragrance of the conspiracy belief system which comprises its main ingredient, with its delicious climate-hoax icing.

3. House special Logical Upside-Down Cake made with particulate emissions from polluting smokestacks which the label touts as an organic health food.

4. The ever popular Bassackward Physics Tart which sports imported La La Land junque-science sugar for those with that special kind of sweet tooth.

5. The fast selling Trump Truth Cake which claims that one bite will render the customer forever appreciative of Mr. Trump’s veracity.

6. The Control Freak Energy Bar for when you are just exhausted by the facts.

7. The renowned Double Zero Philosophy Newton which is covered with little Red-Hot letters of the alphabet and has a perfect vacuum inside.

8. The Butterscotch Hooey cookie made of the finest hooey (imported from Mar-a-Lago, on bloviation blvd.) for those who never heard of evidence.

9. Clown Cobbler. This attractive confection allows know-nothings to parade about in laughable attire to ensure they don’t know what everyone is laughing about.

10. And as an added attraction for the pandemic only – gas filled party buffoons with strings, only a dime a dozen.

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