Once again Americans see the attempt to institute Democracy on people who historical, religiously and morally are not ready. With all the finger pointing it is hard to determine who is at fault for Afghanistan, however, before we assign fault, a review of history must be conducted.

Afghanistan has been fought over for centuries, Alexander the Great was there in 330 BC, then the Arab Caliphate, Genghis Khan, the Mughal Empire all attempted to control Afghanistan with no success. Of course, don’t forget the Britain’s three attempts before the Afghanistan assured itself, forcing the British to leave the country to the dusts of history.

Now, look at the three failed attempts made by the Soviets in 1929, 1930 and finally in 1979. So, poor was the first two invasions that it is still unclear why the Soviets attempted a third. From a geographic standpoint there was nothing to gain geopolitically for the Soviets. Yes, Afghanistan is rich with untapped mineral wealth, but no water port in fact since the country is land locked there is no access to Arabian Sea.

So along comes 9/11/2001, immediately President Bush declares a war on terrorism. While terrorism remains the World’s biggest threat and will be for the years to come. Did President Bush consider history? No! He called for an invasion with no clear goals to determine when the mission was completed.

Member of the American Warrior Society, your Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, and Airman have taken the call freely, they will go to places that others don’t wish to go. Remember, that Warrior that you and Politicians put in harm’s way go without compilate regardless of geopolitical situation. Everyone of your Warriors have taken the oath to defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. For some reason the elected officials and YOU, have made the decision that American Warriors need to be the Cops of the World, to build nations in our own image. Why?

The failure in Afghanistan will surely point to the American Military as the reason for the outcome. I say no, the fault was going to war without considering history and without a clear and conscience mission goal for success. The failure of the mission was in place before the first American Warrior stepped into Afghanistan. It was President Bush for sending me and my fellow Warriors, President Obama and President Trump fault for leaving us there. The only President that has shown great forethought is President Biden, who brought your Warriors home from a failed mission gone wrong from the start.

Dennis Quincey

Chief Warrant Officer Four (Retired),

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Bob Smith

But Halliburton made billions - that's why we'll probably invade it again. Too much money to be made!!


Republicans never met a war they didn't like.

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