If America feared God as we fear the coronavirus, It would be a better world. America and the world's many problems are a result of sin.The Bible states "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." We experience the insanity of the world instead of the wisdom of God.

If America feared God as they fear the coronavirus, instead of hoarding toilet paper, eggs, guns and ammunition, there would be a shortage of Bibles and biblical study. Churches would be filled to capacity, jails would empty out, Biblical marriage would return and all types of violence and murder would diminish.

Instead of practicing social distancing and isolation, we would be practicing true Christian lifestyles without hypocrisy and loving God and fellow man as Jesus commands. If we really feared God, we would not think of ourselves only. We would want to help and love mankind through any crisis.

Maybe our current situation is the result of the Lord putting a stop to our present Godless lifestyle. So instead of looking at earthly things, we should look up to the heavens as our redemption draws near.

I have seen a lot in my 69 years. I am a Messianic Jew with 43 years of Christian ministry as a pastor and evangelist.

Yes, if we feared God instead of the coronavirus, we would all be better off knowing that God is in control.

Larry Przybyliski,

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commador perry

The Bible the original FAKE NEWS!!!!!!!!


I've seen a lot in my 68 years. My conclusion is that god is man made for man's needs.


Well Larry our world history is replete with centuries of religious rule in various parts of the planet, with always about the same result. It is religion that kept the soils of Europe soaked in blood for centuries. That is not to mention the crusades, the inquisition and thousands of years of religious intolerance, persecution and repression. Of course, it is true that if we all lived together in peace, kinship and prosperity the world be a much better place. An overlayment of religion which has its very foundation in ignorance, fear and superstition would have little to do with it.

There are several thousand “Gods” living at this time (many thousands have died) but you failed to mention just which one of these has your ‘God housekeeping seal of approval’. Let me guess – that would, of course, beeeee: your god. Bear in mind how important it is to get that right because there are millions of devotees of all the other gods who will happily kill you(if you are lucky) if you get that wrong. Religion is, after all, the place where intellect and ethics go to die.

When you are next irresistibly moved to evangelical theatrics, bear in mind just how profoundly humanity suffered when religion had secular as well as ecclesiastical power. No more dangerous words have ever been uttered in any language then “The one true God; the one true religion.” Apostates, heretics and infidels quake in their boots upon consideration of the many delights of human agony awaiting them should they fall into the hands of the “other” faithful.

Finally, Larry, your tummy-churning fear of “sin” languishes in the dustbin of ideas because it necessarily assumes a fact not in evidence – the existence of a supernatural entity whose laws are being slighted. The living world has always abounded in violence, suffering and evil. The Judeo-Christian definition of God expressly stipulates that it is omniscient, omnipotent and perfectly good and is the creator of everything. It follows, logically, that such an entity knew it was creating evil and did it anyway, and subsequently ignores the evil it created, thereby invalidating at least one of the defining characteristics of the entity described by that theology. That is not even to mention my question about just how Noah, upon loading his ark in Palestine, found rhinos, polar bears and buffalos in that neighborhood?

If it is just the same to you, Larry, I will stick with the secular modality of living and with science for gauging the truth about things. It is not sin which causes the world’s problems, Larry, it is mental illness, tribalism, fear, superstition, greed and human frailty which results in the frightful conditions which now envelop us.

“This is my simple religion:

There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy.

Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness.”

The Dalai Lama

Bob Smith

Which God is it again we are supposed to be worshipping? So many to choose from...I'll take none of the above!


Larry I couldn't agree with you more. This virus hasn't scared me from the start because I know that God is in control. Now those who claim the bible is fake news have a little more to be scared about.


Jordon: “You’re basically killing each other to see who's got the better imaginary friend.“ Blaise Pascal.

You, as well as Larry, state a fact not in evidence. I remind you that neither belief nor faith constitute evidence, for the basic reason that they are just stuff people make up to fill in the gaps in their knowledge; to justify their conduct; to create access to wealth, power and sex, or for any of hundreds of other reasons. You too have failed to specify just which of the many thousands of gods you are referring to. If you claim there is but one, then may we conclude that you are willing to convert to Islam tomorrow? You have only the fiction; all else is tautology.

I should also like to point out that in any logical matter, it is the original claimer of fact who bears the burden of proof of the claimed fact, a necessity which you and your fellow travelers happily ignore. You make another interesting assertion: that “. . . God is in control.” If that entity were, however, omniscient, omnipotent and perfectly good, how is it that its control metes out hundreds of thousands of ugly deaths and suffering across the globe with such glee?

I do not fear the virus, but I respect its power. This pandemic is a scientific problem to be solved, and it will be. In the interim, I will behave responsibly and maintain the social distancing specified by those who best know how to solve the problem. In the 1830’s when Old Yellow Jack was again gnawing at the city of New Orleans, officials fired cannon at regular intervals, seeking to ward off the spirits which carried the disease. You and Larry have breezily retrogressed even further back than that. At least the cannon were real.

• “The way to see by Faith is to shut the Eye of Reason. “

Benjamin Franklin



Well, there you go Larry, kinda explains the predicament we're in right now based on the above comments. I guess if people turn their heads on God he's bound to turn his head on them. You all believe what you want, I for one am sticking with Larry and the ONE true Biblical Lord and Savior.


[thumbup] Jordan me too!


I'm sorry but didn't you guys change the whole "angry god" to being a "loving god" a few centuries ago because the people wised up and realized no lightning bolts were hitting them when they did bad things? Sorry but if there is any sort of god out there I most certainly don't want to live in fear of it, or him, or her or whatever. If god is in control then he is doing a lousy job and I for one would like to file a complaint! Does god have a customer service line I can call? I know, I'll give him a bad Yelp review![beam][beam][beam]

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