We have an opportunity to elect a truly admirable candidate, Felicia French, to the Arizona Senate for LD-6.

This wonderful, caring person interrupted her campaign to use her nursing experience and skills developed over a long military career to help COVID-19 patients at an understaffed hospital on the Navajo Nation.

As our state senator, she will focus not only on affordable health care and strengthening public education, but also on making our state government responsive to rural communities. She understands how important small local businesses are to the Arizona economy, especially here in northern Arizona.

I have heard Felicia talk about her plans for making our state's revenue go farther, so we can get more done with the money we have. She has given this matter a lot of thought. And she promises to work hard to help Arizona create more local job opportunities, while continuing to protect our land and water for our families and future generations.

I know her as an honest and patriotic veteran who will be a strong advocate for everyone in LD-6. Please vote for her, so she can get to work!

Ginny Dotson,

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Independent Voter

I agree with Ginny Dotson. Colonel (Ret.) Felicia French has fresh ideas and solutions for the issues facing our rural district. As a nurse, adequate and affordable health care is one of her top priorities. She has solid ideas, like improving access to broadband internet which will allow expansion of telemedicine. No need for people to drive miles and miles to seek medical help when a health care professional can be as close as your computer.

I also know Felicia French and can vouch for her passion to help ALL the residents of this District, not just those who vote for her.

French is running an open and honest campaign addressing issues that affect us. The same cannot be said for her opponent!

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