The Russian KGB, (Secret Service) had a 50-year plan to take over American Education and destroy America from within. It started during the Viet Nam War era by placing radical Communist professors in elite universities.

Over a half century, they succeeded in indoctrinating our teachers, youth and news media who now believe in Marxist Socialism and Big Government’s total control of “We the People.”

Donald Trump has created the strongest economy in American history by reducing government regulations and bring jobs back to America! Yes, he can be abrasive at times; but remember that he is the fighter American needs at this critical time.

We are in the fight of our lives to save our freedoms and Make America Great again! If we lose, we will follow the path of Argentina, Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia and many other Marxist/Socialist nations where individual freedom is lost forever.

Just look at Hong Kong where the freedom protesters are currently being crushed by the Chinese Communist Party.

Ray Jussila,

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Thank you for posting this. Your comments are correct. Hopefully a large percentage of students can recognize teachers who are weird. I believe I could when I was a kid. This reinforces the idea that there are certain things that parents need to teach kids at home to protect them from teachers pressing propaganda. A major problem is that our churches have also been infiltrated with such people who are trying to destroy religion. This reinforces that for the most important things in life. .


[thumbup] Thank you, Ray! The young (and not so young, who have NO excuse) people of today have no clue of the evils of socialism. It's insidious, feel-good mantra has been pushed in schools from kindergarten through college for several generations, now. Not sure if there's a way to pull back from this brink. All we can do is go down yelling! Thanks for your voice.


The people of our country have more to worry about what is taught in college political science. Worry more about the Cheeto President Trump and the republican party allowing, encouraging the Russian KGB and the Fascist Putin to take over our Constitutional American democratic elections. What Trump and Putin are doing in their destruction of our democracy, is to set up our government as a Fascist authoritarian government, no different than was done under the administration of Nazi Fascist Adolf Hitler. For Trump that is TREASON! aiding and abetting a foreign adversarial authoritarian nation ,Russia, to attack the United States with cyber warfare to influence our elections. Moreover, now the Fascist republican party is defending republican Trump's efforts at extortion of the Ukraine President for political favors which is, a gross undermining of the U.S. Constitution and at the same time Trump is allowing Fascist Russian military to defeat the Democratic forces of the Ukraine. Of course, it must be noted that every time the republican Koch Bros. made a money donation to any college, it was contingent that Fascism/Corporatism courses were to be taught at that school. Secondly, the reason that the republican party wants "small government" is that a small U.S. government cannot defend the Rights of the people or the Constitutional abuses by the Mega Corporate/Fascists.


Constant repetition of that which is false will not make it true. "The Russian KGB, (Secret Service) had a 50-year plan to take over American Education and destroy America from within. It started during the Viet Nam War era by placing radical Communist professors in elite universities." COMMENT: This falsehood is supported by no evidence whatsoever. Which professors? What schools? Moreover, while a few such professors existed by sheer statistical probability, their numbers could not possibly have re-oriented the entire higher education system in the U. S.

"Over a half century, they succeeded in indoctrinating our teachers, youth and news media who now believe in Marxist Socialism and Big Government’s total control of “We the People.” COMMENT: FALSE! There are no data which substantiate this claim. The American economy remains virtually 100% Capitalist.

"Donald Trump has created the strongest economy in American history by reducing government regulations and bring jobs back to America!" COMMENT: FALSE! This is nothing but support for Trump propaganda with no research at all. “I would call this movement right now a trickle,” said Scott Paul, president of the Alliance for American Manufacturing.

What is clear, however, said Paul, is that the US is seeing some companies that rely on cheap energy — now in abundance in the US — coming back. Paul said this trend began about a decade ago. Moser, who also assists companies with information about the benefits of shifting work to the US, said President Barack Obama got the ball rolling.


Al have you ever had an original thought? You must just cut and paste the same nonsense to every article, not one bit of proof or evidence in any of it. You just regurgitate the same hate filled garbage and feel like you have some how made the world a better place. So sad, so sad.[sad]


Where' my post?

che guevara

Well , Ray , in keeping with the Halloween spirit I will say that Communists under the bed , up in the attic and in the schools is the hobgoblin of the simpleminded . While there can be no doubt that things are evolving politically as more and more people become disillusioned with the status quo , no people and no nation can ever be subverted unless they desire to be so , albeit at the subconscious level in most cases . And I remind you that subversion is an entirely subjective term , as folks like George Washington were considered to be subversives by the power structure of their day . The domination over human minds and souls is always the endgame regardless of the ideology attached to it and the delivery system employed . Anyone who is still scratching their head over this phenomenon of human affairs is truly lost . I will also add that such nations as Russia and China who are America's main nemesis , are in reality not just simply nations , but rather civilizations with a long past who have already gone through a gauntlet of governing systems and have experienced devastating wars on their soil in the recent past . In my humble opinion , this represents one of America's primary stumbling blocks in international relations , as we tend to view the rest of the world as being like us : a young nation state still experiencing growing pains . Furthermore , Ray , if you ever attempt an in - depth study of all political ideologies and revolutions across the spectrum , you will discover that they are all kissing cousins .

Happy Halloween .................... Comrade

che guevara

WMI Editor ; It is perfectly clear that you have a personal dislike of my comments and world views ( and perhaps even me ) , as evidenced by your refusal to post the last couple of comments that I had submitted , even though they fell well within the specified guidelines as stipulated by the WMI . I get it - you want me to go away . Done . Needless to say , I will most certainly not be renewing my WMI subscription in the spring , and I will dissuade people who I know from wasting their money on this highly biased and highly censured " newspaper " which actually rejects thought - provoking material . Years ago this forum was actually an enjoyable exchange where all trains of thought and opinions were given fair consideration . The decline of the WMI was however entirely predictable , as it is the only local news paper up here . Small towns tend to beget small minds , so in that regard you are doing your part in maintaining the status quo . Keep up the good work .


Obama 2008

Unemployment rate 9.9%

Women: 8.7%

hispanics: 12.8%

Blacks: 16.1%

GDP: -2.5%

Trump 2019

Unemployment rate 3.9%

Women: 3.8%

hispanics: 4.4%

Blacks: 6.6%

GDP: +3%

Trump 2020


Thanks Russ!!


Interesting, that Russ fails to note that unemployment has been on a downward trend since President Obama was President in 2011. So if after five years Trump can match Obama's five year record of low unemployment, 2011 to 2016, then, Russ could gloat. Of course, the economy is not just graded on unemployment but employment, job created, statistics also . Barack Obama's best years of jobs created was 2014 - 3.006 million, 2015-2.729 million, 2016 -2.318 million, jobs created by republican Trump are 2017-2.153 million, 2018-2.303 million ,( Trump's tax cuts for the rich year) and through August 2019 -1.141 million. Every year Trump has been in office he has failed to create more jobs that Obama's last four years. The stock market under Obama's tenure grew by 45%....under Trump it has grown 25%. The trade deficit under Trump has grown more than any other president in history, even though he inheritied a great Obama wars, no recessions no depressions. Finally, 20 million more americans were health insured by Obama while Trump has insured zero "0" and has only tried to take away health insurance from americans.


Unfortunately, I have to agree with Che, as my submissions are not being posted either. Since the posting is not done in a chronological order of first come, first posted, it can only be reasonably assumed that there might be an ideological bias at WMI. "When opinions are free,either in matters of government or religion,truth will finally and powerfully prevail." ....Thomas Paine


Informed readers will take notice of Russ' childish attempt to propagandize in favour of Trump by using cherry-picked data. Any middle-schooler would see through the attempt to portray the terrible economy inherited by Obama upon taking office with the bounding recovery which occurred during Obama's tenure, and which Trump inherited upon swearing in. For shame. Moreover, Trump has re-engineered the Obama recovery into a massive channeling of income and wealth upward into the hands of the already wealthy, while sowing the seeds of economic recession with discordant policies, especially trade, taxes and de-regulation.


Ahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaa !!!

"bounding recovery which occurred during Obama's tenure and which Trump inherited.."

Your TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) is showing ron. (Comment edited by WMI)

(Edited by staff.)


What is "Trump Derangement Syndrome"? Obviously, a person would have to be a pathological liar, have delusions of grandeur, feelings of entitlement, narcissism, a lack of integrity, a master at projection, psychopathic. Those are the symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome as are exhibited daily by the deranged person the disease was named for ... Donald Trump.


Russ, here are the data concerning the real growth rates in GDP during the period in question. As we see, Obama inherited a deep recession upon taking office. That depression was ushered into existence by the political and economic malpractice of the Bush administration. What is also shown is the fact that GDP began growing again in 2010 and that Trump inherited a steady procession of real growth which was then interrupted by the deficit-funded tax cut and followed by massive deficits which produced minimal real growth and big debt increases.

2007 $14.452 $15.626 1.9% Bank crisis.


$14.713 $15.605 -0.1% Financial crisis.


$14.449 $15.209 -2.5% Stimulus Act.

2010 $14.992 $15.599 2.6% ACA. Dodd-Frank.

2011 $15.543 $15.841 1.6% Japan earthquake.


$16.197 $16.197 2.2% Fiscal cliff.

2013 $16.785 $16.495 1.8% Sequestration.

2014 $17.527 $16.912 2.5% QE ends.

2015 $18.225 $17.404 2.9% TPP. Iran deal.

2016 $18.715 $17.689 1.6% Presidential race.

2017 $19.519 $18.108 2.4% Trump Tax Act.

Sources: BEA, National Income and Product Accounts Tables: Table 1.1.5. Nominal GDP, Table 1.1.1. GDP Growth Rate. Table 1.1.6 Real Gross Domestic Product, Adjusted for inflation using 2012 dollars.

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