From birth to five-years of age, the amount of growth that takes place is phenomenal. It is amazing how much these children learn. Studies have shown that babies and young children need social interaction to grow emotionally and intellectually as well as the sooner a child is read to, even in the womb, their reading ability goes up. Because of this and because the early learning professionals have been entrusted to care for our young children to build strong foundational skills, I am joining Arizona’s early childhood agency, First Things First, to recognize the importance of early educators.

During this pandemic, the importance of these early educators has become even more evident as they make it possible for parents to have jobs and do not have to worry about the safety of their children. This helps our economy as well as home life so children have meals at home.

Here at Sequoia Village School, First Things First has put books into our students’ hands where many of them do not have any type of books in their home. This isn’t because families don’t want books, but because the money they earn puts roofs over their children’s heads and food in their stomachs. Having these books not only helps our students but our schools as well since frequently First Things First donates enough books to add to our classroom libraries. Budgets are tight, but First Things First really makes a difference to our school by donating these books.

These frontline educators who teach, guide and inspire these young children are essential to our families, communities, schools, and economy, because, when students come to Kindergarten who have experienced early education, they are more prepared to be successful, and success is what we want for all of our students.

Because we care about not only our children but also the early educators, I ask that you acknowledge these vital people and let them know how important they are to our Arizona children. If you need ideas on how to show appreciation, visit, or choose other ways to let them know we care.

Kind Regards,

Linda Souders

Dean of Students

Sequoia Village School


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